Parent Meetings, Q&A, Training Videos, Swim Meet 101

Near the start of each short course season and long course season, CGAC will hold a parent meeting/Open House/Q&A Night at Center Grove High School. 

The meeting is approximately one hour in length will include a presentation by the Board of Directors, expectations from the Head Coach & other Coaches to discuss training goals and expectatations, introduce our meet coordinator (who staff and run our home meets), meet our Treasurer/Billing Coordinator who will provide an overview of billing and fees. Our Team Apparel Coordinator may be on hand to preview CGAC spriritwear and/or hand out team t-shirts/caps.

Around early November, our CGAC Meet Coordinator will hold a 'Swim Meet 101' meeting to share information with newer swim parents about working different jobs during our Jingle Bell Classic Meet, how to sign up for a job, how to read a meet packet, and other general information about swim meets.

We also have videos that will walk you through some of the information:

How to Read A Meet Packet


How to Sign up to Volunteer at our Home Swim Meet: 


What to Pack for a Swim Meet: 

Read here on how to Survive a Swim Meet for some helpful tips and information.


If you were not able to attend the meeting options, you will need to contact the board secretary via email at [email protected] to obtain any information presented at the meetings.


We hope you find the above information helpful.  Please be sure to take a moment to read through the information located on the various tabs on the Parent Info Page Menu and watch the instructions videos to help you better understand the swimming experience and learn the ropes!

Welcome to the team!