CGAC Fees and Billing Information

We understand the importance of knowing the financial obligations associated with being on our team.


Registration Fees

USA Swimming: All swimmers must register or re-register with USA Swimming. The annual fee for USA Swimming is $83.00 per swimmer (this fee is pro-rated when a swimmer joins club during the Long Course Season (April-August), and is due upon joining the team. All renewals are due in September. This fee goes directly to USA Swimming to cover swimmers in the event of an accident. CGAC does not retain any of this fee.

Family Fee: Each family is charged an annual registration fee to cover administrative costs associated with our team.  The registration fee is $100 per family and is collected at registration (usually in September). The registration fee also covers the cost of a team T-shirt and a CGAC latex swim cap for each swimmer. This fee is pro-rated ($50 per family) when a swimmer joins club after December 1, and during the Long Course Season (April-August).

Monthly Training: CGAC is a year round organization which employs professional coaches to provide an exceptional experience for our swimmers and team.  As such, expenses occur even when a swimmer may be out of the water. Our training fee structure has been developed and policies approved to provide a sound fiscal foundation for our club. Monthly training fees are based on your swimmer's assigned training group and due on or around the 1st of the month (no later than the 15th). Fees are considered late after the 30th of the month. Monthly dues are not prorated and are not based on attendance of the swimmer or pool availability. If the swimmer chooses not to practice, full dues payment is still expected. If a swimmer is going to be absent for an extended amount of time, families may request a temporary suspension for that swimmer in writing to the coach and club treasurer. CGAC encourages all swimmers to practice as much as possible every month to build their skills and drop their times.

Discounts are provided for families with more than one swimmer on our team. Discounts are not added up, if the number of swimmers registered increases. The highest training group will be billed at the normal rate and the discount is taken off the lowest training group fee:

  1. 2nd swimmer: $15 discount off monthly training fees
  2. 3rd swimmer: $20 discount off monthly training fees
  3. 4th swimmer: $40 discount off monthly training fees


Training Group
Monthly Fee Due
Sharks and Minnows $70 per 6 week session
White Team $60 per month
Red Team $80 per month
Black Team $85 per month
Pre-Senior Team $95 per month
Senior Team $130 per month
College CGAC Alumni* N/A
UIndy Age Group Team $85 per month
UIndy Senior Team $135 per month

                                                                      *CGAC College Swimmer Alumni are responsible for USA Swimming fees and meet fees they incur

Payment Methods:


CGAC accepts payments by credit or debit card using the autopay feature.  Monthly fees are assessed against the card on file in your account.  CGAC pays all credit card transaction fees as a courtesy to our families. You are responsible to ensure the credit/debit card listed on file is updated and kept current as to avoid late fees and balances.  If for any reason, you are not able to use the Autopay feature and/or do not have a credit/debit card, please let our billing coordinator know via email at [email protected] to discuss other payment options available.


Non-sufficient Funds Fee: If a member has made an arragement to use a check, members will be liable for a $40 bank fee for any check returned for non-sufficient funds.  Bank fees are subject to change.

Monthly Payment Schedule: 

  • Invoices are sent out about 5 days prior to the end of each month. This will show what charges will be billed on the 1st of the following month. The credit card that you have placed on file is then automatically billed on the 1st of the month. If meet fees or other charges for items such as swim goggles go onto your account between the invoice date and the 1st of the next month, your charge may be different than the amount invoiced. Please contact [email protected] prior to the end of the month if the invoice does not appear to be correct.

  • All dues, meet fees, apparel/equipment orders, social activities, etc. will be billed through the CGAC online billing system.

  • Training fees are due each month no matter how many days a swimmer attends practice. If your swimmer will not be swimming for an extended period of time due to injury, etc., please see Fee Exceptions below.

  • Training fees will increase as swimmers advance to higher training groups. Your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.


Multi-swimmer discounts: CGAC offers a reduced fee for families that have 2 or more competitive swimmers on the team.  The standard rate is billed for the highest training group rate and the discount is taken on the lesser rate. For 3 or more swimmers, discounts are not added up:

  • Second swimmer discount (same family) $15.00/month

  • Third swimmer discount (same family) $20.00/month

  • Fourth swimmer discount (same family) $40.00/month

Other Fees


When your swimmer competes, meet entry fees are separate and additional. Fee amounts are determined by the host club and can be found in the host clubs meet packet. Meet fees are non-refundable once final entries have been confirmed.  If a swimmer is unable to attend the meet (for any reason), after the submission of the entries, you will still be responsible for payment of the meet fees.  If an error in the entries occurs, please contact your coach to resolve the error and adjust any fees if needed. Fees are deemed committed as of the final meet entry deadline posted on the club website/pool bulletin board.

Late pickups from practice: 

All swimmers should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of practice time (i.e. 7:15pm for a 5:30pm - 7:00pm practice). We recognize that emergencies can happen, so please reach out to your swimmer’s coach if you encounter any issues with pick up or contact Head Coach Amy Spencer.

Any swimmer left unaccompanied more than 15 minutes before the start of practice OR not picked up within 20 minutes from the conclusion of their practice, will be assessed a fee of $20.00.


Fee Exceptions

The monthly training fees are non-refundable:  except in the case of a medical reason for which a physician’s note should be given to your swimmer’s coach. Please also notify billing at [email protected] so that fees can be adjusted.

Previous CGAC swimmers who are members of a college swim team will not be assessed training fees (college swimmers are responsible for meet entry and USA fees).




A parent must notify the Club Treasurer via email at [email protected] five days prior to the start of the month in which they plan not to swim. You must receive an acknowledgement for your account to be considered terminated.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 72 hours, please forward the email again to the Treasurer and Head Age Group Coach, Amy Spencer at [email protected].  Any outstanding balance, including unfulfilled club credits, is due within thirty (30) days of termination of membership. It is assumed swimmers will continue from Short Course to Long Course, unless written notification is emailed to [email protected]


Leave of Absence


In the event a swimmer needs to take a leave of absence for the team for any reason, the coach AND the treasurer must be notified within 5 days prior to month of the leave of absence. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to going on LOA, or the account will be considered overdue and there may be potential late fees on unpaid balances. 

Past Due/Delinquency

It is the parent/family member’s responsibility to keep your debit/credit card information current and up to date on the team website so to keep up-to-date with their financial obligations.  Statements are sent via email typically 5 days prior to the first of each month to all actively registered families.

Fees are considered overdue if not received by the 15th of each month regardless of whether or not an invoice has been received.  You can log in to the website to view your current invoice under your account. 

After 60 days past due, CGAC will exercise an “out of the water policy” until fees are current or financial arrangements have been made by contacting the Club Treasurer at [email protected]


         If an account has a balance that is 30 days overdue, a written notice will be sent to the parent/guardian responsible for fees.

If an account is 60 days overdue, a second written notice will be sent with notice of impending collections. 

CGAC will exercise an “out of the water policy” until fees are current or financial arrangements have been made by contacting the club treasurer at [email protected].  

The swimmer(s) will not be able to practice or attend meets, until a payment plan is arranged between the member family and the CGAC Board of Directors prior to reinstatement. 

Suspension/Termination of Membership

If the member has not made other financial arrangements in agreement with the Club Treasurer according to the above guidelines, CGAC will issue a claim for the member’s current financial obligation and CGAC membership is subject to suspension or termination.  

Financial Assiatance

In cases of financial hardship, families are encouraged to proactively discuss their circumstances and payment arrangements with the Club Treasurer or a CGAC Board Member. The board may then review any extenuating circumstance and render a decision regarding payment plans and participation of swimmers. It is the philosophy of CGAC that each family, regardless of financial circumstances, contributes some amount as a good-faith gesture toward the financial operation of the team.  All discussions will remain strictly private and confidential. Please send an email to [email protected] to obtain more information or request financial assistance

Club Credit Requirement

While not technically a fee, the club has family club credit requirements.  Sharks and Minnows members are not required to fulfill club credits.  The full club credit policy can be found under 'Club Credit Requirements" under the 'Parents' tab on our team website. The requirement must ve fulfilled regardless of whether your swimmer competes at the home meets.  In order to encourage participation from team members, there is a penalty of $75 for each club credit not fulfilled. If a member or a family member leaves prior to the end of their assigned shift early WITHOUT meet coordinator approval, you will be expected to make up that shift for credit or a $75 fine will be assessed for that that session. Please see Club Credits under the Parent Information menu in the website for more information.

Returning Collegiate Swimmers

The club feels that collegiate swimmers, returning to practice can be positive role models and an inspiration for our age group and high school swimmers.  Since most collegiate swimmers cannot practice with the club for the entire year, the following policy dues have been established:

  • All collegiate swimmers must maintain their USA Swimming registration for insurance purposes.
  • If a collegiate swimmer is participating during breaks (for example while home for Thanksgiving), training will be provided at no cost.
  • If a collegiate swimmer is participating in a swim meet, meet and entry fees will be charged per our usual policy.