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Equipment Requirements


Team Store http://www.swimoutlet.com/collections/cgacswim



Each practice group has required equipment.  This equipment should be present at every practice.  Extra kick boards and pull buoys are available at CGHS pool site for use by any swimmer.

Training Team

Equipment Needed


Cap, suit, goggles


Should be brought to practice each day - Cap, goggles, training suit, towel, tennis shoes, water bottle. Strongly recommended - Fins, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, snorkel, mesh bag. If attending meets CGAC team suit or plain black suit.

Pre Senior/Prep


Cap, goggles, training suit, well sized competition suit, technical suit (optional but recommended for prelims-finals and championships meets),  kick board, fins, paddles (stroke maker) pull buoy, snorkel, mesh bag.  ***Senior boys and girls: drag suit

Team Attire: CGAC Team Suit or other pre-approved black suits are required for all swimmers at meets. Technical suits must be FINA approved suits and should be worn only at championship meets or when a swimmer is trying to qualify for a championship meet. Technical or ‘Tech” suits are discouraged at regular age group meets. Otherwise for everyday training, a good reasonably priced training suit is acceptable of the swimmer’s choice of color and style. 

Swim Caps: Swim caps are recommended for all swimmers and a variety of options are available to purchase. The swim club will sell a limited amount of latex caps for $5 or silicone caps for $15. These will be available for sale at meets. See one of the coaches during the meet to purchase. Also, personalized silicone caps with a swimmer's name on them that can be ordered through Elsmore at specific times during the season.