LATEST NEWS... Per the State Executive Order closing all school campuses until June 30, all club and lesson activity is suspended until July at the earliest, subject to change. Check back for registration updates.

Hendricks Elite Aquatics Team Lessons



Hendricks Elite Aquatics Team (HEAT) is pleased to help swimmers of all ages learn to swim and feel safe in the water through our Developmental Program.  We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of all swimmers:  Group & Private Learn to Swim Lessons and Developmental Team. The only requirements to participate are swimmers must be toilet trained and feel comfortable in the water (no crying or screaming) and be able and willing to hold onto the wall, or sit on the side of the pool while the instructor is working with another swimmer. 

Availability & Practice Times:

We offer a Fall & Spring Installment of our Developmental Program with four 4-week sessions available in each.  

Fall [Sep-Dec]:  Group (1:5 ratio) Learn to Swim Lessons and Developmental Team available

Spring [April - July]:  Group (1:5 ratio) & Private (1:1 ratio) Learn to Swim Lessons and Developmental Team available

Upcoming Fall Session Dates:

Session 1: September- 8 classes - 6:00-6:45 pm

Session 2: October - 8 classes, OFF 10/15 & 10/17 for Fall Break -  6:00-6:45pm, starting 10/21 classes will move to 6:15pm-7:00pm

Session 3: November - 7 classes, excludes 11/28 for Thanksgiving which is prorated 6:15pm-7:00pm

Session 4: December, 6 classes, excludes 12/24 & 12/26 for Christmas break which is prorated 6:15pm-7:00pm 

Program Curriculum & Pricing:

Learn To Swim Lessons ($70/session - 8 lessons in each session)

A four level program focused on establishing a high degree of comfort in the water, water safety principles and learning the fundamentals of front and back strokes, including breathing, arm and leg components. The lesson program is designed for groups of 5 swimmers max with 1 instructor.

Beginning (levels 1-3) swimmers will learn to do the following: Submerge mouth, eyes, and nose, exhale under water, float on front and back, roll from front to back, flutter kick with a kick board, flutter kick streamline on back, basic freestyle and backstroke stroke cycle, jump into pool, turn around, swim back to the wall and climb out of pool on own.

Advanced (level 4) swimmers will learn to do the following: Streamline on front and back off the wall, breathe to the side, all 4 basic stroke skills (arm and leg actions), basic dives, begin to learn Flip turns and touch turns.

Developmental Team Curriculum: ($75 per session - 8 practices & 1 intersquad meet per session)

Developmental Team swimmers focus on improving technique in free/back and introduce breast/fly, wall/starting block shallow dive technique, flip turn and open turn techniques, breath holding while swimming the strokes, underwater kicking in streamline position. Developmental Team is ideal for any intermediate/advanced lesson level 4 swimmer who wishes to maintain skills and work on endurance, but chooses to not compete and/or commit to practice time required for competitive team.  Developmental Team is geared towards preparing swimmers for competition level swimming. Entry into the developmental team is pending coach approval to assess readiness.

Registration Information:

To register for either Development program, please complete the account set up process and indicate which sessions you would like your swimmer to participate in.  Keep in mind, availability is on a first come first serve basis - so reserve your space now in each session!  This online platform allows you to set up your account, declare sessions, put an online payment on file (Credit card or ACH (bank transfer) is required for all members of the club).  Swimmers will be evaluated for placement via level standards on the first night of each session if they are new to the session.  All others will be grouped per the last month's evaluation form.  

Thank you for joining HEAT's Developmental Program - We look forward to seeing your swimmer succeed in the water, have fun, and build a love for swimming!