Onnline registration starts August 18th!

We are so excited to have your swimmer join HEAT!  Welcome to the club and we look forward to an exciting season ahead.  A few important links to help files that should make navigating common tasks easier for all parents of the club:

1. Meet Registration:  We encourage all club swimmers to register for and actively participate in meets.  Besides being tremendously fun, they are also the coaches and swimmer's best way of assessing their progress.  You may sign up for Meets from the Sign Up link on the main navigation.  It is relatively simple to navigate but a help file may be found here: https://support.teamunify.com/en/articles/872-ondeck-declarecommitsign-up-for-upcoming-meets.  Please note, when you sign up for a meet, if you are restricted to only certain days of the meet or would like to sign up for specific events, you should place that in the Notes section right after your Yes/No declaration.

2. Fundraising:  We attempt to limit the fundraising that we do throughout the year by hosting a large benefit concert at the beginning of each Short Course Season and an annual Swim-a-Thon event.  However, we do have a few fundraisers that are simple and useful and require no "door to door" work with your kids.  Please consider participating and explore the options on the Fundraising tab of the website.  You may purchase your swim gear at SwimOutlet and a portion of the sale comes back to the team.  You may register your Amazon account to benefit HEAT through the Amazon Smiles program.  You may purchase gift cards thru Scrip Gift Cards for stores you normally shop (for no additional fee) and a portion of the sale goes back to the team.  

3.  Payment:  We require a form of payment on file in your online account (you may register a credit card or provide a voided check online for ASH/bank withdraw).  If you registered through online registration, this field was required and you don't have to do anything further.  If you registered live and received a follow up email with your account info, we now require that you login to your account and place a payment form online.  Payment is processed on the 1st of each month.  Meet fees are generated separately and billed directly after each meet.  If you sign up for a meet, you are committed to participation and will be billed as such.  For each swimmer there is a meet entry fee plus a per event fee.  This will be reflected in your account invoices section.  For more information on setting up online payment, please see the video tutorial here:  https://support.teamunify.com/en/articles/7-parents-add-a-credit-card-or-ach-to-account-for-auto-pay

4.  We maintain an updated Practice Calendar on the website that is your best source for updated information on practice times.  Please check this calendar at the beginning of each week for the updates.  Occassionally, due to weather or pool issues, we may need to cancel a practice.  If that happens, you will be notified by email.  You may also sign up for RemindMe app messages by registering at https://www.remind.com/join/bgc92

5. New swim parents may find the information on Indiana Swimming's (our local swimming club) Team Unify site particularly helpful as they orient to the sport and to meets.  Click here to explore:  https://www.teamunify.com/TabGeneric.jsp?_tabid_=96722&team=czinlsc