Frequently asked questions about volunteering

Why am I expected to volunteer?

  • Donner Swim Club hosts 3 meets during Short Course Season and 1 meet during Long Course Season.  Some seasons we may host a championship meet. The money earned from these meets helps to keep your fees lower than clubs that do not host meets.  Hosting meets takes many volunteers, so we need your help to run successful meets.

What if I have 2 or more children swimming?  Do my points add up with each swimmer? (No!)

  • Your family’s volunteer commitment is for the swimmer with the biggest volunteer point requirement.  For example, if you have a Discovery swimmer(4 pts) and a Challenge swimmer(24 pts), you need to meet the Challenge requirement of 24 points.  You do not need to get 28 volunteer points. 

What are my family’s options for volunteering?

Donner hosted swim meets are the easiest way to meet your volunteer requirement.  You may also:

  • Volunteer at Intersquad meets
  • Help with registration or swimmer evaluations
  • Help with the banquet or holiday celebrations
  • Provide donations of food or supplies as needed
  • Be a member of the Donner Swim Club Board
  • Become an official and work at our Donner swim meets

What is the deadline for completing our volunteer commitment?

  • With our new sessions for Discovery 1, 2 and 3 being shorter, we realize that your family may be unable to complete the volunteer commitment by the end of October or November.  To complete the family point requirement for the Short Course season, your family is allowed to volunteer through the end of March.  Volunteer fees will be assessed at the end of the short course season for families that do not choose to complete the volunteer requirement.

What is my Volunteer Commitment for the current Season?

  • Volunteer points to be determined for this season

How do I check how many hours I've worked?

  • Same area answers both questions: You can look this up yourself as they will update every season. It is under the 'My Accounts' button in your Team Unify Acct. Click the 'My Account' button then click on 'Invoices and Payments'. When you get into that window, you'll see a Service Hours Tab at the top. It will tell you what your commitment is. If you scroll to the right, it will tell you how many hours you've worked as well.

Volunteer Points are filling up so fast! I can't get registered in time to score any points. Will I be able to get enough points? 

  • Yes, early in the season, typically volunteers are waiting at their keyboards for the opportunities to volunteer. This starts to dwindle as the year goes on. We have, as stated above, many opportunities to Volunteer. Our biggest is our January Meet and, if we hold them, Divisionals. 

What about families registering for multiple jobs during one event? How can we all get our points if only a few families get all the points?

  • We have received a few comments that families should only be able to sign up for one volunteer spot per event until everyone gets their points. While we appreciate this sentiment, we want to ensure all spots are filled and we don't want to limit, for big events, the amount of places families can sign up. Going forward after the Nov '19 meet, though, we WILL limit registrations per event to 1 per Team Unify Accout for SMALL meets. Intrasquad meets, etc. This is to help alleviate some of the stress for our new families. 

What does each of the volunteer positions do? 

What should I do when I arrive to volunteer?

  • When you arrive at a swim meet or activity, you will check in with the Board Member in charge of volunteering. The table is typically located next to the admissions table.  This person will check off that you have arrived and are ready to volunteer or have brought your donation of food or supplies.  If you are volunteering for a specific job, the expectations and responsibilities for the job will be explained to you.  You are expected to remain at the job until you are released by the Board Member in charge of volunteering.  All end times for a meet or activity are estimates.  If you leave prior to the meet or activity ending, you will not receive full credit for volunteering. If you have received an orange volunteer shirt in the past, please bring it with you. You are only to receive 1 and we have limited supply of the shirts.

Why have the points per group changed from season to season?

  • Two factors determine the number of volunteer points per group.  The first is the estimated number of swimmers per group for the season.  The second is the number of meets and activities that we host.  A typical three-day swim meet requires around 200 volunteers.

What if I exceed the number of volunteer points that my family is required to meet? Do those points “carry-over” to the next season?

  • Points earned only count toward the volunteer requirement associated within the designated season. For those families who contribute more of their time than what was required, Donner Swim Club is extremely grateful and recognizes their efforts during the end-of-season banquet. Depending on the financial success of the season, Donner Swim Club may do a raffle with entries based on extra volunteer points or acknowledge the families that went above and beyond with volunteering.

Who may volunteer?

  • Any family member or friend over the age of 14 may volunteer.  They just need to let the person checking in know that they are volunteering for your family. 

Who should I contact with other questions?

  • Donner Swim Club is lead by a volunteer board of parents and the Donner coaching staff.  Any questions regarding practices or swimmer development should be addressed by your child’s coach. Questions regarding registration or fees are handled by the Administrative Assistant. The current Vice-Presidents will answer questions regarding volunteering or the reason you may have been assessed a volunteer fee at the end of the season. If you have a concern about safety or swimmer behavior, you may contact your swimmer’s coach or the Presidents. Any other questions or concerns may be addressed with any of our parent board members.  You may find the names of the current board members on the Donner Swim Club website under the “About” tab.  There you will find a listing to select “Board Members.”