Discovery Group (Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Discovery 3)

The Discovery group is a session-based group for athletes that are new to the sport and/or are working toward learning how to legally swim all 4 competitive strokes. Our suggested age is 5-10 years old, but we will work with families on an individual basis as needed.

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Discovery 1

In the Discovery 1 group our goals are to help athletes learn basic swimming skills, water safety skills, and fundamentals of the Freestyle and Backstroke strokes. After an athlete has completed at least one session they will be evaluated for progression into the Discovery 2 or Discovery 3 group.

2021 Spring/Summer Practice Schedule

Discovery 1 classes not being offered at this time. Please see our Swim Lessons page for more info on introducing your swimmer to learning to swim lessons.

Discovery 2

In the Discovery 2 group athletes will build upon freestyle and backstroke fundamentals, introduce and teach the fundamentals competitive strokes of Butterfly and Breastroke, and begin to learn how to enter the water safely from basic shallow diving positions.

2021 April Session (April 13-May 7)

Tuesdays 545-645 pm & Fridays 515-615 pm

2021 May Session (May 10-June 6)

Tuesdays 545-645 pm & Fridays 500-600 pm

Discovery 3

In the Discovery 3 group we will provide more intensive, curriculum-based teaching of the skills needed to be successful in competitive swimming. Athletes will also participate in basic dryland movements and skills emphasizing balance, coordination, and athleticism. Our goal is to progress athletes into competitive swimming and ensure a great experience for all the athletes. After an athlete has completed at least one session they will be evaluated for progression into the Imagination group by the coaching staff.

For more specific details regarding the Discovery group, please see the Donner Swim Club Group Descriptions and Criteria

2021 April Session (April 13-May 7)

Mondays & Thursdays 545-645 pm

2020 May Session (May 10-June 6)

Monday & Thursday 545-645 pm