Imagination Group (Imagination 1, Imagination 2)

The emphasis of the Imagination group are the skills necessary to become a swimming athlete and on fun and teamwork through the sport in order to continue to ensure that all athletes develop a long-term love for the sport. The training emphasis/practice goals of this group are centered on continuing to develop strong technical skills in all four strokes, starts, turns and underwater work, as well as developing a capacity for swimming through gradually increasing the volume and intensity of both kicking and swimming work throughout the season.

Swimmers will also expand their basic fundamental movements and skills emphasizing balance, mobility, coordination, and athleticism while also beginning to develop fundamental strength through body weight and basic core exercises. Ability group assignments are at the coach’s discretion. Swimmers may not change or practice with more advanced ability groups without prior coach approval.

Typical Practice Schedule:  5x practices per week, 1 to 1.5 hours each (Mon pm, Tues pm, Wed pm, Thurs pm, Sat am)

2021 Spring Practice Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday pm: 540-710 pm

Saturday am: 1000-1130 am

Imagination 1

The emphasis of this group is on technique development of all strokes, starts, turns, keeping swimming fun and aerobic training introduction.

Imagination 2

The emphasis is on continued development of all four competitive strokes, starts, and turns, aerobic training development, and intro to speed work and racing skills for competitions.

For more specific details regarding the Imagination group, please see the Donner Swim Club Group Descriptions and Criteria.

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