Donner Swim Club 2020-2021

Open for Returning Members

10/14/20 - 12/31/20

Open for New Members

10/15/20 - 10/15/20

115 Members

Welcome to the Donner Swim Club Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming 2020-2021 swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Donner Swim Club is a community-focused club that fosters an environment of success as an athlete and as a person. Our mission is tcreate a safe and fun environment that teaches community youth excellence in all areas of life through the sport of swimming. We believe our core values of team, excellence, hard work, and courage teaches swimmers to confront challenges, accept the responsibility for success, and helps develop self-confidence, leadership, and respect for others.

To assist your swimmer in skill development, Donner Swim Club has divided our training into four separate groups and sub groups. Our Senior group is for those swimmers, ages 12-22, who have been swimming for some time and are able to compete in all four strokes. The Challenge group is for swimmers, ages 8-15, who are working on mastering the skills needed to be a competitive swimmer. This is designed to prepare swimmers for State and Zone levels of competition. The Imagination group helps swimmers in ages from 6-12 develop strong technical skills with great emphasis placed on teamwork and having fun swimming. Learning to be proficient in all four strokes, as well as learning starts and turns enables the Imagination swimmer to be more competitive in meets. 

All groups will have certain initial costs associated with the registration process. Every swimmer will have a fee specific to the group they are in to cover coaching, a yearly USA Swimming/Indiana Swimming membership fee, a Parks & Recreation fee, and a Spriit Wear fee, which covers the cost of three t-shirts and a swim cap, each emblazoned with the Donner Swim Club logo. Due to Covid-19, Donner Swim Club, we will only have the payment plan option as opposed to a one time all-inclusive payment for the season. Following the above initial fees, families will have a monthly payment for the Donner membership fee associated with the swimmer's group. 

One other optional fee is the purchase of a Covid-19 protective mask, also with the Donner logo, for $12 each. While mask sales have already taken place, you may purchase additional masks through registration.

We look forward to having you join the Donner Swim Club and are excited for another great season!