2021-2022 Donner Swim Club Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/26/21 - 10/22/21

Open for New Members

8/26/21 - 10/22/21


Welcome to the Donner Swim Club 2021-2022 swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for volunteer opportunities, see your swimmer's times and histories, maintain your own contact information, and more. Please Note: a credit card is required to be on file for billing purposes. Please do not use a debit card for the card of record, for Donner Swim Club is not responsible for overdraft bank charges if your account has insufficient funds at the time of invoicing.

This year Donner is offering several different options to better serve our families regarding participation and billing. At this time, Challenge and Imagination families have the option of registering once for the entire year combining both the short and long course (fall/winter & summer) seasons or register just for the short course (fall/winter) season, with the understanding that another registration will need to occur in April 2022 for participation in the long course (summer) session.

The benefits of choosing the year-long option are you only have to register one time for the year AND there is a reduced amount charged for participation as opposed to paying separately for each season.

Donner Swim Club has three different Senior instructional groups: Senior Performance, Senior 1, and Senior HS Prep. Depending on which Senior instructional group your swimmer is participating in will determine the payment options. Please contact Coach Schaefer if you are unsure about the expectations of each different senior group or which group to register your senior swimmer for this year.

For Group descriptions, reference the “Programs” tab on the home page of the Donner Swim Club website.

You also have two payment plan options. You may pay for the entire year/season at the time of registration or have your account charged on a monthly basis. With the monthly payment option, you will incur several charges at the time of registration, in particular the USA Swimming Membership fee ($83) and the first installment of the group’s instructional fees. Your account will then be billed at the beginning of each month for the remainder of the instructional fees divided equally until the total amount is met. Previously, a one-time pool rental fee was charged, yet at this time that has yet to be determined (you will be charged at a later date once established). Understand, Team Unify will assess a processing fee each time your card is invoiced regardless of the payment plan you choose.

Whichever payment plan you select, you will also have the option of purchasing Donner Swim Club spirit wear for your swimmer at the time of registration, which is encouraged to be worn when participating in swim meets throughout the year. Swimmers may already have these shirts and would not need to purchase additional shirts unless outgrown, lost, or simply wanting more shirts to have available. If you choose not to purchase spirit wear at this time, they can be purchased directly from Hoosier Sporting Goods for an increased cost and possible delay in receiving them.

During the registration process, pay close attention to which group and payment plan you choose for your swimmer!

SENIOR Instructional Costs:

Senior Performance (No Seasonal Option): One-time Payment - $1170; Payment Plan - $130 per month (September through May - No payments during June and July)

Senior 1 (Fall/Winter Season Only): One-time Payment - $700; Payment Plan - $100 per month (September through March)

Senior HS Prep (September-November): One-time Payment - $300; Payment Plan - $100 per month (September Through November)

CHALLENGE Instructional Costs:

Year-Long Option: One-time Payment - $900; Payment Plan - $100 per month (September through May - No payments in June and July)

Short Course Season (Fall/Winter Season ONLY*): One-time Payment - $700; Payment Plan - $100 per month (September through March)

*Long Course Season fees (Summer Season Only) of $400 will be charged in April 2022 when registering again for the summer season.

IMAGINATION Instructional Costs:

           Year-Long Option: One-time Payment - $810; Payment Plan - $90 per month (September through May – no payments during June and July)

           Short Course Season (Fall/Winter Season ONLY*): One-time Payment - $630; Payment Plan - $90 per month (September through March)

* Long Course Season fees (Summer Season Only) of $360 will be charged in April 2021 when registering again for the summer season.


Thank you for your participation in Donner Swim Club! We look forward to this season with great excitement!

Registration is not open. Please come back later.