The Duneland Swim Club and Chesterton High School Programs have a rich history of producing GREAT teams! The following is a testament to the DUNELAND championship team history. 

Age Group State Championships

Short Course Yards:  2nd- 2019, 6th-2018, 3rd-2017, 6th-2016, 8th-2015, 6th-2014, 5th-2013, 6th-2012, 5th-2011, 4th-2010, 11th-2009, 7th-2008, 7th-2007, 4th-2006, 4th-2005, 6th-2004, 8th-2003,  7th-2002, 9th-2001

Long Course Meters: 3rd - 2019, 5th-2018, 3rd-2017, 3rd-2016, 8th-2015, 10th-2014, 3rd-2013, 4th-2012, 7th-2011, 5th-2010, 6th-2009, 11th-2008, 9th-2007, 8th-2006, 9th-2005, 4th-2004, 6th-2003

Senior State Championships

Short Course Yards: 4th-2019, 3rd-20182nd-2017, 4th-2016, 5th-2015, 12th-2014, 3rd-2013, 1st-2012, 3rd-2011, 2nd-2010, 1st-2009, 2nd-2008, 9th-2007,11th-2006, 19th-2005, 6th-2004

Long Course Meters: 8th-2019, 5th-2018, 7th-2017, 7th-2016, 5th-2015,12th-2014, 5th-2013, 15th-2012, 4th-2011, 12th-2010, 3rd-2009, 2nd-2008, 7th-2007, 18th-2006, 18th-2006

Speedo Sectional Championships

9th-2012 (4th-Men and 11th-Women)

Junior Nationals Championships

7th-2009 Jr. Nationals

Northwest Indiana  Swimming Conference Championships

Winter Conference Championships: 2020-1999 (22 Consecutive Team Titles)

Summer Conference Championships: 2019-1999 (21 Consecutive Team Titles)

Indiana High School State Team Championships

Girls: 10th-20209th- 20196th-2018, 2nd- 2017, 3rd- 2016, 3rd-2015, 6th- 2014, 5th-2013, 5th-2012, 4th-2011, 4th-2010, 4th-2009, 7th-2008, 8th-2007, 6th-2006, 6th-2005, 7th-2004, 9th-2003, 4th-2001, 6th-2000, 6th-1999, 7th-1995, 9th-1984, 6th-1983, 5th-1982

Boys: 2nd-2020, 4th-2019, 4th-2018, 3rd-2017, 7th-2016, 11th-2015, 1st-2014, 1st-2013, 4th-2012, 4th-2011, 3rd-2010, 1st-20091st-20083rd-2007, 3rd-2006, 8th-2004, 6th-2003, 5th-2002, 7th-2001, 7th-2000, 9th-1998, 9th-1997

Indiana High School Sectional Team Championships

Girls: 2020-2000 (21 Consecutive), 1985-1980 (6 Consecutive)

Boys: 2020-1999 (22 Consecutive), 1997, 1990,1981

Duneland Athletic Conference Team Championships

Girls: 2020-2000 (21 Consecutive), 1985-1979 (7 Consecutive)

Boys: 2020-1997 (24 Consecutive), 1993, 1990, 1981

National High School Champions

Boys 2014