On behalf of the Decatur Township Aquatic Club Swim School, we thank you for choosing to participate in our Swim Lesson Program! The DTAC Swim School is an independent Authorized Training Provider of the Starfish Swim School, a section of Starfish Aquatics Institute. In order to ensure that classes run as smoothly as possible, we would like to bring a few things to your attention before you arrive on Day 1.

Preparing for Lessons each day:

  • All swimmers must have a bathing suit! Swimmers who are not potty trained should wear a swim diaper under their bathing suit!
  • Goggles are highly recommended for our Intermediate/Advanced Swimmers! We do not allow swimmers to use snorkeling masks or any type of goggle that will cover the swimmer’s nose.
  • Swimmers should use the restroom prior to class! Regretfully, staff will not be able to accompany swimmers to the restroom.
  • Please have your child shower before lessons and remove all band aids prior to the start of class The cleaner the pool, the less chlorine we have to use which results in less eye irritation!
  • Any swimmer with hair past their chin should come to swim lessons with their hair in a ponytail or wear a swim cap! The less the swimmer worries about their hair, the more they can concentrate on swimming skills!
  • Please have your child sitting in the bleacher area on deck 5 minutes prior to the start of swim lessons!

Class Expectations each day:

  • Please be patient on the first couple day of lessons. Children will review skills, be tested, and potentially moved according to their skill level. Our goal is to find a place where they are comfortable and challenged to improve their swimming skills.
  • At the end of each lesson, please have a towel ready for the child! The air temperature on the pool deck is warmer than the temperature of the locker rooms and hallways.
  • Celebrate your child’s progress each day. Please try to avoid comparisons of other swimmers in the group. Each swimmer will develop their aquatic skills at their own rate.

Observing Swimming Classes:

  • Parents will sit and observe each class from the upstairs gallery.
  • If a situation arises during the lesson to which requires attention of the parent, a staff member will come upstairs to get the parent to address the situation!
  • All additional family members who wish to attend the last day of lessons will be welcomed to sit in the upstairs gallery to watch the entire lesson.

Absences/Makeup Classes:

We would like to know if/when your child will not be attending class. While we do not offer makeup classes (unless a facility issue prevents us from holding lessons), it helps our instructors plan their classes.

Locker Room Policy:

  • After each lesson, please have your child change in the appropriate locker rooms, if necessary. Changing on the pool deck, upstairs gallery, and/or hallways is not allowed!
  • Preschool participants (5yo) may change in the locker room appropriate for their parent assisting in changing. Please be discreet as possible with opposite genders!
  • School Age participants (6+) participants should use their appropriate locker room to change.

If special arrangements need to be made for changing, please contact Coach Grace ASAP!

Emergency Procedures:

  • We ask that in the event of any emergency, you check out with your swim school instructor if you choose to take your swimmer and leave. This is so we can do our best to account for all swimmers.
  • In the event of a fire emergency, all swimmers will exit through the main pool doors/entrance and move away from the building. They will remain outside until the “all clear” signal by either the fire department or school officials.
  • In the event of a tornado or other weather related emergency, swimmers will be taken into the pool locker rooms by staff members.

Crying/Afraid Swimmers:

It's very common for a child to cry or be afraid when starting something new. Our instructors are trained to deal with the most fearful of students. We use simple distraction techniques; toys, songs and games to help calm and reassure them and we will never dunk a new swimmer under the water.

A child may cry for several classes in a row, but be patient. Consistency and praise are key in your child's progress. If you need help getting your child into the pool, please ask our staff for assistance and be sure to let us know any information that will help us get to know your child better (favorite toys, special songs, heroes, etc). We will gladly get your child in the water and swimming happily in no time!

Tracking Progression:

The students will track achievement of skills in their personal record book. These books will be kept at the pool during a swim lesson session and released to the parents at the end of the session. Parents are encouraged to read through the books and participate in the tracking of the child’s progression. Students who continue in the DTAC Swim School are expected to bring their personal record books to every swim lesson session. It is very important that personal record books be stored in a safe place. To purchase a new book will cost $2.00.

After Lessons:

Students will learn faster if they participate on a consistent basis. We encourage swimmers to enroll on a consistent basis as the family schedule will allow. Parents should take an active role in their child’s aquatic experience. Parents must keep reinforcing skills learned. Practicing between lessons will only increase a child’s confidence in and around the water.

Staff Availability:

  • Swim Lesson Instructors are available to speak with after every lesson for 5-10 minutes!
  • Swim School Director, Charles Grace, is available every day on deck before or after lessons, or feel free to contact him at 317-455-3013 or via email at