***Beginner Levels 1-3 classes are 30 minute classes***


Level 1 - Our beginner level class. Students learn to become comfortable in the water through games and experimental activities. No previous lessons are necessary to join this group.


Level 2 - Building on our basic aquatic principles from Beginners, swimmers in Whitecaps learn how to hold proper body positions and begin to move on their own, with minimal support. Swimmers must be able to submerge underwater on their own for 5 seconds to qualify for Whitecaps.


Level 3 - Redcap swimmers will begin to build endurance in kicking and in arm action, while beginning to learn the side glide position. The side glide is our first major building block to the front crawl stroke. Swimmers must be able to jump into the water and recover on their own to a back floating position for 5 seconds to qualify for Redcaps.


***Intermediate Levels 4-6 classes are 45 minute classes***


Level 4 - Swimmers continue building endurance and their front crawl technique at yellowcaps. Side glide and rotary breathing are emphasized and swimmers will learn how to tread water and survival float. Swimmers must be able to jump into the water, swim 10 feet on either their front or back, change directions, and swim back to the starting wall without assistance to qualify for Yellowcaps.


Level 5 - Swimmers finish building their basic refinements of the front crawl, while beginning to learn the back crawl, build their treading endurance, and are introduced to shallow diving in our diving well. Bluecap swimmers must be able to perform the side glide position, with proficiency, for 10 feet, change direction, and complete side glide position on the opposite side back to the wall before joining.


Level 6 - Swimmers will build technique and endurance focusing on the Freestyle and Backstroke strokes. Greencap cap swimmers will build their technique focusing on body positioning, kicking, and pulling mechanics of each stroke. Swimmers must be able to swim front crawl 30 feet with 1-2-3 breathing pattern to be eligible for the Greencaps group.