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Come swim with FRST!

Based out of Johnson County, Franklin Regional Swim Team has a program to offer all ages and all ability levels.  If you'd like your child to swim with a family-oriented program with knowledgeable coaches who promote enthusiasm, then FRST is a perfect fit for you! We believe in better people, better athletes.  We believe in long-term athletic development through the sport of swimming.

About Us

FRST is  a proud member of USA-Swimming (the national governing body of competitive swimming in America) and Indiana Swimming (our local governing body).  Franklin Regional Swim Team is committed to offering a program where beginners and national level swimmers can enjoy a great swimming experience.

Positive Relationships. Postive Results.

We have coaches who take pride in getting to know and connecting to our athletes. Our swimmers know that when they arrive to practice, they should expect feedback, positive communication, and a family first atmosphere that pushes them to great heights.  It isn't just training to our athletes, it's an opportunity to spend time with friends.

"Family FRST"

Though our groups are made up of various levels, ages, and may practice at different times, we are all part of the FRST Family. All  FRST coaches actively work to get to know swimmers from all groups, and we encourage this same active participation in our swimmers. Team culture is, and will continue to be, our guiding principle through positive relationships, communication, and help. We don't just say, "Family FRST," we mean it. Our coaches, our families, and our athletes are all leading promoters of this ideal. 


Top-10 Club in the State of Indiana 

FRST been recognized as a 2018, 2017, and 2018 Top-10 ranked club in the state. The Virtual Club Championships (VCC) program identifies clubs that are well-rounded programs at ALLage levels, and have a knack for producing elite athletes in all age groups. FRST has finished in the Top 10 (out of 110) three times over the past three seasons.


We're not just building better athletes, we're building better people.

At  Franklin Regional Swim Team, your child will learn the importance of being a good teammate and a good person. Every year, you will see  FRST writing thank-you cards, volunteering to up-keep the facility, and giving back to the athletes that are younger. We do more than teach swimming here; we teach the value of being a team. We teach athletes to take initiative in their academic and athletic endeavors.  We teach athletes about excellence and how to pursue it.  We teach athletes accountability and how to make a difference in their world.

State of the Art Facility

Lastly, but certainly not least, FRST practices out of one of the most beautiful aquatic facilities in the nation.  An 8-Lane, 50 Meter facility, Franklin Community High School boasts all of the advantages one can have in a swim facility.  Our coaches utilize this space, alongside phenomenal equipment, to cater the the individual needs of each group of athletes.