Indiana Swimming
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Q: How do I register for Swim Lessons?

A: Registration is always accessible online via the Swim Lessons tab located on the home page of the FRST website. 

Q: When do I register for Swim Lessons?

A: Swim lessons will be offered year around with short breaks between seasons. Pay attention to the FRST Website and Social Media pages for information regarding times.

 Q: What will my child need for swim lessons?

A: Depending on your group, you will need different items. All kids should bring a towel and swimsuit. Upon reaching the Goldfish group we would love for your child to be wearing goggles on a daily basis. This will make both the learning and teaching process much smoother.

Q: What is the group structure of the program?

A: Swim School consists of four different groups divided based upon ability level. From lowest to highest proficiency, the groups are as follows; Minnow, Guppy, Goldfish, Competition Prep (sometimes referred to as Intro to Spark).

Q: How does the program work?

A: On the first day of the cycle, your child will be evaluated and placed into a group based on their abilities. As your child progresses, they will advance through the groups in a very progressive, cumulative fashion. 

Q: Makeup sessions?

A: We can allow make-up sessions in some case.  For example, if you missed your Wednesday class, but want to make up on a Thursday, we can help make that happen.  Just email [email protected] for more info.

Q: How long should my child be in swim lessons?

A: This is a very individualized question because it depends primarily on what you and your swimmer's goal outcome is for the lessons and how quickly your swimmer is able to progress. It is imperative that we do not compare one child's progress to another because this can spark discouragement on both ends. If your interests are general water safety and comfort, you will likely spend less time in lessons than if your intention is to become a competitive club member with FRST.

Q: What is the ultimate goal of swim lessons?

A: Safety ultimately, but everyone has different goals in mind. Some are simply interested in safety measures, while others are interested in competitive swimming. Both interests can be administered within our swim lessons program. 

Q: Are private lessons better than group lessons?

A: Yes, and no. As with any instruction, some children learn better alone than others. One-on-one swim lessons can be very beneficial if your child has a hard time learning in more chaotic environment. 

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