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Swim Lessons FAQ

What is Swim School?

FRST's learn to swim program is an opportunity for young children (4-14 years of age) to be introduced to the world of swimming, by being taught the basic fundamentals of swimming (ie. stroke development, treading water, floating etc).

Water safety is our number one priority for each child. Additionally, it is our expectation that each kid will develop the skills necessary to participate in a competitive swim group by the end of their FRST Swim School experience, if that?s desire in the future.

How does Swim School operate?

This Spring our learn-to-swim program is broken into cycles, each consisting of 3 weeks of 30 minute swim lessons 3 days per week. During each cycle, swimmers will be taught lessons appropriate for their selected group. At the completion of, or during each cycle, swimmers will be evaluated to see if they may advance to the next group for the following cycle or if they are ready for graduation!

How much does Swim School cost?

Cost (see the below costs per athlete) to be paid before cycle via our online registration.

1 cycle for 1 athlete (Age 4-10): $100 for 9 lessons over 3 weeks.

*Fees will not be pro-rated for late registrants

How do I register for Swim School?

Registration is accessible on the team website in the Swim Lessons tab or via the button below Register Now!

What will my child need to attend Swim School?

It depends on your group. All kids must bring a swimsuit and towel. Upon reaching Goldfish group we would like to see your child wearing goggles on a daily basis. This will make both learning and teaching much smoother.

How do I know which group my child will be in?

We have 4 different levels offered. From beginner to advanced they are: Minnow, Guppy, Goldfish, and Competition Prep (sometimes referred to as Intro to Spark). On the first day of the cycle your child will be evaluated and placed into a group based on their abilities. As your child progresses, they will advance through each group!

If we cannot attend a session are we able to make it up?

We can allow make-up sessions in some cases. For example, a missed Wednesday class can be made up with the Thursday class provided there is space available. If you will be missing a class and are interested in making it up, please email [email protected].

How long should my child be in Swim School?

This is a very individualized question. It depends primarily what you and your swimmer's goal outcome from swim lessons is, as well as how quickly your swimmer is able to progress. It is imperative that we do not compare one child's progress to another's because this can lead to discouragement. If your interest is general water safety then you will likely spend less time in lessons than if your intention is to become a competitive club member of FRST.

What is the ultimate goal of swim lessons?

Water safety, first and foremost. However, swim lessons are also the first step into the sport of swimming, which FRST offers all the way from our Swim School students to Olympic Trial qualifiers. If you are interested in being a part of the world of swimming beyond lessons, please ask about what it takes to become a member of FRST!

Are private lessons better than group lessons?

Yes, and no. As with any instruction, some children learn better alone than others. One-on-one swim lessons can provide your child with extra attention from the instructor, as well as help if your child has a harded time learning in a mor chaotic environment.

If you're seeking private lessons from any of our instructors or FRST coaches please contact us at [email protected]

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