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January Newsletter

Chris Oleksiak


Storm Chiropractic will conduct free spinal screenings for FRST on January 28th (Monday) from 4pm-6pm at the high school (equipment room). All FRST athletes and family members are invited and encouraged to attend. Age Group athletes should show up early so they do not miss any swim time, middle school athletes are encouraged to attend after their practice, and high school athletes are also welcome to attend after practice. Parents (and coaches!) can also participate.

“Storm Chiropractic Clinic is excited to come out to do free spinal screenings for your athletes. We will use a tool called Myovision, which measures the muscle tension surrounding the spine. We focus on three areas: the neck, the shoulders, and the lower back.

Dr. Storm & his wife Marie were both on the swim team in high school. They know first-hand the importance of mobility for swimming.  Chiropractic care plays a huge role in caring for your shoulders, back, neck, & hips - which are all crucial for optimal performance!  Chiropractors can help prevent sports related injuries as well as speed up recovery.  The connection between the swimmers brain & body (nervous system) is a must for achieving your goals!”


Max Serafin-Odle, Daniel Utterback, and Allie Lacy all represented FRST at this year’s Mid States All Star Championship.

Allie placed 20th in the 200 IM, 1st in the 200 Medley Relay, and 4th in the 100 BR.

Max placed 5th in the 200 IM (PR), 10th in the 50 BK (PR), 9th in the 50 FL, 2nd in the 200 Medley Relay, 9th in the 200 FR Relay, 7th in the 200 FR (PR), 8th in the 100 FL (PR), 16th in the 50 FR (PR).

Daniel placed 10th in the 200 Medley Relay, 1st in the 200 FR Relay, and 8th in the 50 FR (PR).

Great work all!!!


During December and the beginning of January, FRST participated in the annual Indiana Swimming Virtual Distance Challenge. Our athletes chose to swim one or all of the following events:  1000 freestyle, 1650 freestyle and 400IM. Swimmers who swam the 400 IM or 1000 at the #Chasestrong meet had their times entered for the VDC as well. All athletes are to be congratulated!  Also, a big thank you to Carrie Utterback for facilitating this year. 

FRST winners of the Virtual Distance Challenge (they will receive t-shirts for their efforts):

Girls 9 year old 400 IM:  Emma Small

Boys 9 year old 1650 and 400 IM:  Max Serafin-Odle

Other Results:

Our 10 year old girl athletes:

Caleigh Schotting-3rd 400IM and 1000

Myanna Myers-6th 400 IM and 5th 1000

Autumn Routien-7th 400 IM and 6th 1000

Claire Des Jeans-11th 400 IM and 14th 1000

Jovie Mowery-5th 400 IM

12 year old boys

Jay Stewart-6th 400IM and 1650

Isaac Layton-7th 400IM

Jacob Meinczinger-3rd 1650 9th 400IM

13 year old girls

Ella Des Jeans-34th 1650 10th 400IM

Jenna Blue-30th 1000 34th 400IM

13 year old boys

Daniel Utterback-4th 1000 14th 1650 4th 400IM

Brady Campbell-5th 1650 9th 400IM

Zack Brodnik-21st 1650 28th 400IM

Franco Chirinos-7th 400IM

14 year old girls

Amelia Edens-7th 1650 6th 400IM

Allie Lacey-10th 1650 5th 400IM

Hailey Achs- 17th 1650 11th 400IM

Hard work pays!  Go FRST!!!!



Swimmers of the Month:

Bella Ratzlaff - Bella continues to gain steam with each passing month, developing the necessary skills in practice to translate to meets. She's been very committed to making her tempo better, which has already paid dividends. Her growth in attitude, focus, and work ethic are reasons enough to believe that this girl has a very bright future ahead! In the past week, Bella has competed at the CSC Winter Invitational and a dual meet, where she had 5 of 6 best times in a vast array of events. That's nearly unheard of at her age and she even came within 2.5 seconds of a Winter Junior National cut in the 200 Breast. Way to go, Bell!

Ethan Grudowski - You're not likely to meet a young man more eager to learn, eager to grow, and eager to challenge himself. Ethan's work ethic is something to be admired and he's never shying away from difficult tasks. Ethan's times have all dropped during the course of this rigorous season, and we're excited to see his championship season over the course of the next couple of months!

  • Coach DeWitt


As we continue in our championship preparation phase of the season, our technique focus is fine-tuning our strokes and placing more emphasis on skill work. A major focus this month has been our bodyline in all four strokes. We have also placed extra emphasis on perfecting our underwater kicking. Going forward, we will continue to treat underwater kicking as the “5th Stroke”, so your athletes should expect to do underwater kicking sets each day. As we get closer to March, we will increase the time we spend on other skill work as well.

Our dryland will focus on Basic Strength over the next several weeks. Exercises in this phase include total body/leg workouts and upper body workouts.

Our mental skills training will move to Saturdays to accommodate the middle school athlete’s schedules. This training will consist more of small group and large group discussion, and less on lectures from the coach leading up to Divisionals and State.  

At the Chasestrong Meet, our group earned three new State Cuts: Daniel in the 1000 FR, Amelia in the 200 FL (first ever individual State Cut), and Jacob M. in the 50 BK.

At CSC, we earned the following State Cuts: Amelia in the 100 BK, 100 FL, 200 BK, Jacob M. in the 200 FR, 200 IM, 100 BK, 100 FR, and Isaac in the 50 FL.

Swimmers of the Month:

Our swimmers of the month are Jacob Meinczinger and Amelia Edens. Both athletes started the month with no individual state cuts. Amelia finishes with four individual cuts and Jacob with five cuts. Amelia has done a fantastic job of attending all morning and Saturday practices with the club, while Jacob has continued to grow in confidence. Also, Max Serafin-Odle deserves special attention for his performance at the Mid States Meet, where he competed in eight events, earning personal best times in five individual events (he tied his best time in his sixth individual event), along with his victory in the Indiana Virtual Distance Challenge 9 year-old 1650 FR and 400 IM. 

  • Coach Chris           

Championship Prep

Championship Prep had an amazing month of January. We are one month into this new group and the yardage has gone up and times have gone down. These 9-10 year old girls have dug in and are eating up the yardage and more practice hours and days. We are averaging 4500-5000 yards a practice working on endurance, technique and pacing for races. All of this has paid off this month!!! All of them are my athletes of the month.

Faith Boothe now has 7 divisional cuts and close to a state cut in an event. Claire DesJean now has 5 divisional cuts. Jovie Moowrey has 8 divisional cuts and got 2 state cuts at Carmel plus she is close to state cuts in 5 other events. Autumn Routien has 6 divisional cuts and close to 3 state cuts. Caleigh Schotting has 9 divisional cuts and got 1 state cut at Carmel and close to 5 other state cuts.  Emma Small has now 7 divisional cuts now.  Jovie, Caleigh, Autumn and Emma also got their state cuts in the 200 medley and free relays.

Keep up the great work, I see big things coming!!!!!!

  • Coach Tony


After a few weeks of longer yards and higher intensity training, our strokes and times are looking better than ever. Not counting the 10&unders in Championship Prep group, we have 15 Divisional cuts among 6 swimmers. With 7 swims within 5 seconds of a Divisional cut and 8 swims under 2 seconds of a Divisional cut, we are bound to grow our numbers. Not a single swimmer is further away than 5 seconds of a cut! Keep up the hard and focused work Exploration!!

In the coming weeks, we will continue to race more and swim more challenging sets. Parents will also see a little bit of heart rate training mixed in as well, as some of us start to look forward toward the 11-14 age group track next season.

Power player of the month is Faith Boothe for getting her 7th Divisional cut. She is now training and working toward State!

  • Coach Megan


Faith Blue is the swimmer of the month. Her attitude in the pool is always positive. She has continued to drop time in all of her events, and has done a great job working on her strokes. Specifically her freestyle when it comes to her breathing and body position . Not to mention she often does all this without goggles! Great job faith and wear your goggles!

As we approach a busy month and the end of the season, I expect us to touch up on all strokes. We have to make sure kids are doing strokes correctly and legally. We need to make sure we are doing all the little things right so kids are able to move up to the next group. 

We will also have some challenging sets for kids in this group that help push these kids. Kick base sets are something we press often with this age, and that will not change this month. Expect some days for the kids to be exhausted! But of course we will ALWAYS have fun. The overall goal every month in Launch is to get faster, learn more, and have a great time, and ultimately come back next season. 

  • Coach A. DeWitt


February 1-3: JAGS Invite at IUPUI Natatorium
February 17: LST Day of Power
March 1-3: Indiana Swimming Divisionals
March 8-10: Indiana Swimming Age Group State
March 15-17: Indiana Swimming Senior State

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