Indiana Swimming
Level 1

Parents and Swimmers, attached below are documents containing useful information regarding training, nutrition, age group lifestyle and etc. These documents are for your viewing pleasure and will hopefully give you some added insight into swimming.

Parent Volunteering Opportunities:

FRST Committee Chair Positions

Meet Documents & Time Standards:

2017-2018 IN Time Standards

2017 14 & Under Zone Cuts


Swimming Education:

7 Things Successful Swimmers Do

The Keys To Swimming Success  

5 Ways You Can Improve Goal Setting

Racing and Race Preparation

Q Is For A Quality Practice

P Is For Perfectionism


Nutrition Education:

The Top 5 Recovery Snacks for Swimmers                                                       

Fueling for Performance

Does Energy In Equals Energy Out?

What You Need To Know About Energy Drinks


Growth, Maturity and Parents:

The Young Athletes Body

How To Stay With Swimming

How To Become A Winning Parent

How To Praise Your Athlete

How To Parent Your Champion

Goal Sheets

National Level Meet Information:

FRST National Team Guide