Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300

How to Join FRST

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the FRST swimming program or have questions about joining, please contact the New Swimmer Coordinator and Lead Coach Tony Ressino ([email protected]).  Thank you for your interest in FRST!

Steps to Join FRST:

  1. Setup Evaluation for Group Placement with Coaching Staff
    1. All New Swimmers must undergo a swimming evaluation to correctly be placed in their respective group. Please bring suit, goggles, and towel to your scheduled evaluation.

      Swimmers who will be a high school freshman or older in the fall, should schedule their evaluation with the Head Senior Group coach, Coach Zach DeWitt. Please email Zach at [email protected].

    2. Swimmers 14 and younger will need to schedule an evaluation with the Coach Tony Ressino Please email Tony at [email protected].

  2. Attend evaluation and be placed in appropriate group to maximize potential improvement.

  3. Register for FRST and coach-selected group via online Registration ---(Click on Start Registration Tab on the Register Dropdown Menu).

  4. After being emailed login instructions to your personalized account through our website, attend your first practice!