Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 200

How to Join FRST

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the FRST swimming program or have questions about joining, please contact Madeline Daily ([email protected]).  Thank you for your interest in FRST!

Steps to Join FRST:

  1. Setup Evaluation for Group Placement with Coaching Staff
    1. All New Swimmers must undergo a swimming evaluation to correctly be placed in their respective group. Please bring suit, goggles, and towel to your scheduled evaluation.

      Swimmers who will be a high school freshman or older in the fall, should schedule their evaluation with the Head Senior Group coach, Coach Zach DeWitt. Please email Zach at [email protected].

    2. Swimmers 14 and younger will need to schedule an evaluation with the Madeline Daily. Please email Madeline at [email protected].

  2. Attend evaluation and be placed in appropriate group to maximize potential improvement.

  3. Register for FRST and coach-selected group via online Registration ---(Click on Start Registration Tab on the Register Dropdown Menu).

  4. After being emailed login instructions to your personalized account through our website, attend your first practice!