Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300


LEAD COACHPaul Stockett


  • Must be able to kick on side (fly or free) for sets up to 300M without using hands
  • Must be technically proficient in all 4 strokes including
    • Relaxed, thumbs down recovery on butterfly
    • Ability to “glide” on Free and Back
    • 3 Phase Pullout on Breaststroke
    • Beginning to develop a long distance freestyle and sprint freestyle
  • Must be able to do 8x100 FR LCM @ 1:40, 4x200IM LCM @ 3:45, and Kick 10x50 LCM @ 1:10 in more than one stroke
  • Must be able to perform Catchup stroke with constant kick
  • Must have competed in the 500FR and 200IM in a meet
  • Must be able to get their times during sets

Group Emphasis: This group will emphasize more advanced stroke techniques and turns, and begin to implement race strategies. Swimmers will begin to incorporate the underwater dolphin kick on a regular basis and will begin to train much more vigorously to expand their work capacity and kicking ability. Swimmers will be expected to do goal setting, and will learn the beginnings of proper nutrition, recovery habits, and partake in novice weight training with Eclipse. Swimmers will also expected to lead the AG program by example, while learning to lead with their voices as well.

Practice Attendance: Greater than 80% practice attendance is expected in the Challenger Group, especially if the swimmer’s expectation is to enter Eclipse Group

Meets: All FRST Meets required. Attendance of all other meets that a swimmer is qualified/eligible for is expected unless directed by the HAGC. Swimmers will work towards Divisional Podium, AGS Top 20, and Zone time standards