Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300


LEAD COACH: Madi Purcell


  • Incoming Discovery swimmers must be able to execute regular flipturns and pullouts during practice
  • Must be technically proficient in all 4 strokes including
    • Two fly kicks per Butterfly stroke
    • Proper pull pattern and tempo for backstroke
    • Proper insweep, throw, glide on breaststroke
    • Can sufficiently kick on side for Freestyle
  • Must have a basic understanding of underwater dolphin kick
  • Must be able to execute a racing backward and forward start
  • Must have competed in all 4 strokes during a meet
  • Must be able to swim a 200IM legally and without stopping
  • Must be able to perform 10x50 Freestyle LCM @ 1:00 , swim 4x100IM LCM @ 2:00, and kick 10x50 [email protected] 1:20 in more than one stroke