Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300


LEAD COACH: Colin Mothersead


  • Incoming Eclipse level swimmers must have excellent attendance and regularly attend meets
  • Must have accumulated 2800 Power points amongst 500FR, 100BK, 100BR, 100FL, and 200IM
  • Must be technically proficient in all 4 strokes
  • Must be able to execute all long axis, short axis, and medley turns regularly during practice
  • Must regularly carry a minimum of 3 lines off all turns
  • Must be able to swim 12x100LCM @ 1:30, 5x200IM LCM @ 3:30, and Kick 10x100 LCM @ 2:05
  • Must have competed in 400IM, and the Mile during a meet

Group Emphasis:  This group will begin to master technique for all four strokes. They will also begin to utilize the underwater dolphin kick during all facets of their swimming. Swimmers will train to increase their work capacity and will learn training methods, nutritional information, and incorporate novice weight training. Swimmers will be expected to lead the age group team with their actions and cheers.

Practice Attendance: Greater than 90% practice attendance is expected in the Eclipse Group

Meets: Attendance of all meets that a swimmer is qualified for is expected unless directed by the HAGC. Swimmers will begin to work towards Speedo Sectional, Senior State, Zone, and Junior National time standards.