Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300


LEAD COACH: Tony Ressino


  • Incoming Exploration swimmers must be able to execute regular flipturns during practice
  • Must be technically proficient in all 4 strokes
  • Must be proficient in long & short axis turns
  • Must be able to execute a racing backward and forward start
  • Must have competed in all 4 strokes during a meet
  • Must be able to execute a breaststroke pullout

Group Emphasis: Exploration group will primarily focus on stroke technique and skill development for the upcoming levels. Kicking will be a large portion of the body of work done. There will be an increased focus on starts and turns as well as beginning to work with the underwater dolphin kick. Swimmers will also begin to learn the foundations for dryland concepts that will be utilized at the upper levels.

Practice Attendance: There is no practice attendance requirement for Exploration, however, increased practice attendance definitely increases the improvement rates, chances of qualifying for relays, and opportunities to build positive relationships with teammates and coaches.

Meets: All FRST Meets are required of Exploration swimmers. Other meets are highly encouraged. Swimmer will be expected to swim at Divisionals/State if qualified. Swimmers will begin to work towards becoming a Divisional or potential State Qualifier.