Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 200


Financial Dues and Policies



Needed Equipment for each group:


Dues Table:

* Multi-swimmer discount reflects the discount applied to swimmer whose dues are of equal or lesser value.

Discount: % for Account registering 2 Athletes.
Discount: % for Account registering 3 Athletes.
Discount: % for Account registering 4 Athletes.
Discount: % for Account registering 5 Athletes.

***Senior group payments are taken at Registration (September’s dues), October, and November. The dues also cover the training period that takes place after High School Sectionals/State thru club championship season - A span of approximately 3.5 months in total.

****Middle school dues last through the beginning of Middle School Season and include club championship season. FRST Middle School Payments are made at Registration (covers September), October, November, December, and the rest of the season. January's payment is charged to cover the period of January, February, March because athletes will have options to swim in the AM with FRST, on week nights with first occasionally, and even on Saturday's.  Eclipse swimmers wishing to also swim Middle School will be categorized as Challenger group.  


Other Potential Fees at Time of Registration:






Transfer Fee



For swimmers transferring from another club to FRST, this fee is an Indiana Swimming Fee to process the transfer.

USA Swimming Registration Fee


Yes, for all returning and new members.

National governing body insurance per athlete.

Registration Package



2 FRST Seasonal shirts and Latex swim cap.



Multi-Swimmer Discount Explained:

  • Discount:15 % for Account registering 2 Athletes.
    Discount:30 % for Account registering 3 Athletes.
    Discount:30 % for Account registering 4 Athletes.
    Discount:30 % for Account registering 5 Athletes.



  • The TeamUnify billing system will bill for any outstanding dues on the first of the month.
  • Balance should be paid by the 17th of the same month. If no payment is received, a late fee of $15.00 will be assessed, which can either be paid with that month’s payment, or will be added on to the next month’s bill.
  • Payment may be made by Cash/Check/Credit Card
    • Checks should be deposited into the gray payment box at the pool at both Whiteland & Franklin. Please remit all checks to the following unless instructed otherwise: Franklin Regional Swim Team
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for your cash/check payment to be reflected on your account


Credit Card:

  • FRST requires that all accounts have an active credit card on file with each account.
    • Autopay: 

§  Members may input their credit/debit card information to the Team Unify system on our team website.  Fees will be debited on the 1st of each month for all dues and fees outstanding on their account. Autopay is a once a month charge system. Autopay is highly encouraged.

Paying by Check

·       If paying by check use the "memo" section of your check to indicate what your payment covers. Please place the check in an envelope, marked with your name and drop into the gray FRST box just inside the pool doors.


Meet Dues/Signups:

  • Outstanding financial obligations will result in the swimmer’s exclusion from entering any upcoming swim meets with the team and may result in the removal from practice until the account is brought current.
  • Please be aware of meet fees and surcharges put forth by the host club. These fees can be found in the meet packet published for all meets we attend.
  • Parents are responsible for all material in the meet packet. There are no additional club fees for signing up for meets, only the fees asked of by the hosting team. A typical cost to attend a meet is $5.00 per event with a per- meet $2.00 Indiana Swimming Surcharge per swimmer. Fees may vary.
  • Meets hosted at the IUPUI Natatorium also charge a $5.00 per swimmer per meet “Natatorium Usage Charge”.



  • A leave of absence is available only for injury and/or medical reasons and must be submitted in writing to the Head Coach for approval.
  • Members are responsible to fulfill their financial commitments including payment of all dues whether or not their swimmer(s) attend practice or complete the season in full.


Financial Obligation:

In joining Franklin Regional Swim Team, I understand fully that I am required to pay all dues due from the time my swimmer has joined until the completion of the season, including but not limited to member dues, meet fees, apparel fees, and more. Membership dues are owed regardless if the swimmer swam for a given time period, except in the case of injury/illness, or written request to the head coach to terminate or suspend their membership, as stated above. Should a member terminate or suspend their membership and wish to re-enroll during the same season, there will be a $10.00 re-joining fee. By completing online registration you agree to and understand your financial obligation to Franklin Regional Swim Team.