Indiana Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300


LEAD COACH: Tony Ressino


  • Incoming Launch Swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke
  • Must be able to swim 25 yards of butterfly

Group Emphasis: The goal for Launch is to grow in the sport and to love the sport of swimming. Improve every stroke. Learn to set goals and achieve them. We expect members of this group to participate in our home meets, at least, and the Launch swimmers may participate in any meets that we deem appropriate.

Practice Attendance: There is no practice attendance requirement for Discovery, however, increased practice attendance definitely increases the improvement rates, chances of qualifying for relays, and opportunities to build positive relationships with teammates and coaches.

Meets: Launch swimmers will be expected to participate in FRST hosted meets. Any further meet participation is not required for Launch swimmers. However, to progress to Exploration group, a swimmer must have competed in a meet in all 4 strokes, at minimum.