Indiana Swimming
Level 2

Scrip Card Program

We have a fundraising opportunity available through our Scrip program through the GreatLakes Scrip Center.   This is a great way for you to be able to purchase gift cards for places where you shop every day and raise money for our GCAT program AND your personal account at the same time. Our Scrip Program is set up and orders are placed every Monday evening.

First, if you haven't gone on to set up your family account, simply go to and setup an account. Please be sure to enter your swimmer's name where it asks for the student so that we know whose account to credit.  The enrollment code for GCAT that you will need to enter when setting up your account is EC2A69DL37867

Once your account is set up, you are ready to order your gift cards.  You have two options when paying for your cards.  You can set up a PrestoPay account using your personal checking or savings account, or you can write a check to GCAT. Print your order form, and place the order form and your check in the mailbox at the pool.  It is our hope that many families will take advantage of the PrestoPay payment method.  Please be advised that if you use the PrestoPay payment option and your funds are returned for any reason, you will be charged a $30 fee (This is a charge that will be charged to GCAT by the Scrip Program and you will be responsible for paying this fee back to GCAT).  The first time that funds are returned, it will be considered a "warning".  If funds are returned more than once, online payment will no longer be accepted from your account and you will need to pay by check. When you set up a PrestoPay account, it takes a few days for this to process.  Once it is processed, you will receive a code from the company.  You will need to contact me with that code so that I can finalize your account and make it active.

If you pay by check, your check and order must be in by Friday in order for your order to go in on Monday.  If your check and order are received after Friday, your order will be processed on the following week's order.  With orders being placed on a Monday, I usually receive the gift cards from the company by Thursday evening.  Orders will be delivered to the pool once they are received.  Once you have purchased gift cards, you can reload them as often as you wish.  Please be aware that when you reload a card, your order still must be processed through GCAT before your funds will be available.  If you need your funds available prior to the weekly deadline submission date, you will need to contact me personally so that I can go online and process your order sooner.  You will also have the ability to order electronic gift cards.  The process for these will be the same for reloading.