How/when can I contact a coach?

Who to talk to and when:

Coaches are available to contact via email. The ideal time to talk with coach is almost always before or after practice & swim meets, but not while they are on deck. Our coaches lead very busy lives, sometimes traveling as much as 50 minutes to get to the pool, and may also work outside jobs. We encourage families to check the GSI website and group practice calendar, email, and to contact your coach to check for availability throughout the week. Please allow coaches 24 hours to return emails during the work week. Our coaches will not be checking and responding to emails while on deck. They are focused on our swimmers. If you need to contact a coach regarding that day’s practice, please do so as far in advance as possible. During swim meets, please wait until the end of the meet to email the coach. Coaches will respond as soon as possible to emails sent during a swim meet, after the swim meet is over.

Thank you!

Note: You can find the coaches emails by click on the "Home" tab and then selecting the "Coaches & Board" button. Alternatively, click on this direct link to the coaches page.