Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Contrary to popular belief, swimming costs are comparable to other popular local sports when you look at the per month breakdown of the membership dues and fees. Here are the current dues and fees for a typical fall/winter season:

Billing Group*
(practice duration)
Dues & Fees Payment Plan Option
(Payable at Registration, November 1 and January 1)
Monthly Average (for 6 months)
 *** Additional meet fees apply ***
(45 minutes)
$488 3 Installments of $162.67 $81.33/month
(90 minutes)
$528 3 Installments of $176 $88/month
(120 minutes)
$568 3 Installments of $189.34 $94.67/month

* Swimmers are placed into Training groups by our professional coaching staff based on their swimming ability and other factors.

Some things to consider...

  • At 6 months long, our fall/winter season is 2-3 times as longer than other sports.
  • Per week cost is similar to most extra-curricular activities.
  • Our coaches are paid coaches that are certified by USA Swimming and have extensive first aid and safety training. We require our Coaches to continue their education while with our team.
  • A significant portion of the dues are used to pay our coaching staff.  Additional expenditures include pool usage fees and upkeep of the equipment used to run our meets and equipment for our swimmers.