Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Meet Duties / Volunteering

Hosting an enjoyable swim meet for athletes and spectators requires a team effort by all of our swim families. Each family is asked to volunteer at the various events hosted by the club each season.  The volunteer requirement can fluctuate from year to year and season to season and those requirements are outlined in the membership contract.

Below is a description of each of the various positions:

Announcer: Opens the meet with the introduction of the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem and operates the public address system throughout the meet.  This includes announcing the individual events and heats and making other announcements to keep everyone informed as directed by the Meet Referee and Meet Director. The Announcer may also be asked to announce the high point and team awards at the conclusion of the meet.

Awards: Keeps awards area tidy, separating the medals, ribbons and trophies, and placing results labels on individual awards as results become available. Makes sure awards are separated by club and ready to distribute to the various clubs’ coaches by end of meet. This is a sedentary position and a good place to watch the races.

Bleacher/Hall Monitor: Maintains order among spectators, including making sure there is no running; no dripping wet swimmers and there is a clear pathway.

Check-in Table/Door Monitor: Check the credentials of all officials and coaches and ensure they sign in for each session.  Make sure no parents/spectators enter the deck area except those that are authorized volunteers; make sure no swimmers are leaving leave dripping wet or enter the deck with food. This is a sedentary position.

Clerk of Course:  Assembles youngest swimmers (8 and under) and makes sure they are in the proper lane and heat when it is time for their race. This position keeps you busy as it is essential to keeping the meet moving along. If you enjoy interacting with the youngest swimmers, this is the position for you.
Coaches Room:  Keep room clean and stocked with refreshments for coaches and officials; distributes drinks to timers and other volunteers.

Computer/Timing System Operator: This volunteer could be responsible for any of the following based on need. Receiving individual race results, logging them into the official timekeeping system and printing labels for the awards desk. Monitors the lanes to make sure swimmers match events in heats (in case of no shows); makes sure touch pads and button system are functioning; advances computer to coincide with heats and events. This position requires close attention to detail and some computer skills. This is a sedentary position.

Food Prep: This may involve chopping, baking, packaging, storing food in preparation for a meet. The commitment for this position is during the preceding week of a meet and is done at home.

Head Timer: Supervises the timers. Responsible for assembling them, assigning them to the lanes; distributing and collecting the watches, pencils, and clipboards; and conducting the timers briefing. Starts two watches for every race and uses them to replace malfunctioning watches on the lanes. Collects timing sheets throughout meet and relieves timers when necessary. This position requires a significant amount of standing with little down time, but is preferred by those who like to be close to the action.

Timer: Uses both the backup timing button and stop watch to record time for each race; transfer watch times to timer sheet to be collected by head timer; make sure swimmers are in correct lane and heat. This job requires being on your feet for long periods with little down time, but is preferred by many who enjoy being on top of the action.