Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Member Incentives

In an effort to help our members offset some of their membership costs, we have implemented the following programs available at various times throughout the year:

Refer a Friend

  • During the registration period for any season, members are encourage to refer others to our club.
  • New members should mention your name at the time of registration in order for you to be eligible for the member incentive.
  • Members making the referral will receive $50 towards your HHSC account at the end of the season provide the member being referred is in good standing with and still a member of HHSC.

Bring a Sponsor

  • Members who bring a new monetary sponsor (Gold, Silver, Bronze , Platinium Level) to HHSC will receive a  discretionary credit according to  the level the sponsorship amount applied to their HHSC account.
  • The incentive period will be set by the HHSC Board each fall/winter season and will be included in the sponsorship letter posted on the Sponsor/Ads page.