Miami of Ohio International Invite


Hi IISD Members:


I am thrilled to share the results of our recent Miami of Ohio Diving Invite with all of you.  Before I do, I wanted to first indicate the new mission we bravely underwent as an organization with 9 of our qualified Travel Team Members upon special invite of the event host, culminating in this contest.  The results, I hope you agree, were amazing!   


Mission:  The Indiana International School of Diving established this year, at our Annual IISD Coaches' Retreat, the interest to not only continue to train our talented and committed divers to levels of international success, but to also provide opportunity for our top identified divers to experience international levels of participation and success on an annual basis.  USA Diving does this annually for qualified 14-older divers, and bi-annually for qualified 13-younger divers at the Junior World Championships and the Junior Pan American Games.  Qualification status to represent Team USA at the Junior level internationally is usually a Top 2 or 1 finish in the USA in Olympic Events of 3 meter and Platform at the USA Diving National Championships.  This year, the IISD qualified all IISD divers who made it to the Junior Semi-Finals and/or Finals events at the USA Diving Junior Nationals, and all IISD divers who made it to the Summer Senior Nationals in any events, as well as any additional divers nominated by their coach and reviewed by our IISD Board as per the results of this year's Creepy Classic; all to attend an International meet experience in representation of the IISD this December. 


This is the first time we have done this... and we expect to do so annually with perhaps a showing in Canada next December at the international CAMO (Montreal) invite for all qualified IISD divers as per performance results of next year's USA Diving National Championships, our Future Champions Invite, and our Creepy Classic Invite.  This year, the international competition came to us - in the City of Oxford, OH - at the Miami of Ohio Invite.   The international team competing that came to America is simply the best youth development program on Planet Earth, the Guangdong Diving Chinese Provincial Program.  This program, since the 1970's, has produced the lion's share of top Chinese divers into the Beijing National Training Center, and has produced the lion's share of the Chinese medallists in the Olympics since this time.  It has been a great honor and opportunity that 9 of our battle tested IISD representatives earned the opportunity for themselves to represent the IISD in this international event.  How did it go?  I'm thrilled to share the below. 


All of our divers had awesome moments on the battlefield of competition.  Some performed better in warm ups as compared to their competitive results in the meet, which in itself is a great stepping stone forward as all of our divers performed well in either/both the warm ups and in the meet.  Our divers proved they could throw down with a great competitive group of college divers... and in some cases we pushed the frontier of "what is possible" moving forward as we knocked at the doorstep of dreams with some rather impressive results against the world's best Juniors from China.  One thing I'll take away from this competitive experience is that at some point, all of our divers showed up on the playing field and killed their dives... again, at some points this was achieved in the warm ups more so than in the competition, but the statement was made and clearly recognized that our kids had some great stuff.   Many college coaches approached me asking age and year of our performers... with the interest of putting them on their college recruiting agenda when they reach approachable age.  This is always a sign of honor and respect for the performances of our young ones in competition. 


Every one of our dives in competition out scored some or all of the American NCAA Division I collegiate divers.  Some of our own divers outscored a great many of our own former IISD divers now in college (I counted 12 former or present IISD divers in the prelims of the Women's 1 meter competition as an example). 


Performance Results: Top 8 made the finals, maximum of 2 per team...  We had 8 Top 8 finalists, and 4 Top scoring American divers in the contest.  This was truly a remarkable and impressive first time effort on the International diving scene for this awesome group of IISD International Team Members.  May all these divers arrive back at home proud of themselves and ready to get back to work towards world level success!!!  May the rest of our IISD Travel Team form the focus, discipline, and training interests to earn their spot on the IISD International Team on our next International competitive venture.  Thank you coaches and diving families for supporting this effort throughout your many years of hard work and commitment.  Let this be a great beginning.  I am confident we will continue to get what we are willing to train for in effort and focus.  Our kids turned a lot of heads this last weekend, and some of these were the heads of the coaching staff of the greatest diving program in the world... that's truly priceless.  Please enjoy reading over the results below:   


Women's 1 Meter Prelims:  44 collegiate and/or elite club divers in the contest

Daryn Wright:    9th Place

Jackie Brenn:    10th Place

Mallory Walker: 17th Place

Mikayla Zick:    26th Place

Kristina Zick:    27th Place


Women's 1 Meter Finals:    

Daryn Wright:    8th Place


Men's 1 Meter Prelims:

DaeQuan Quinn                6th Place


Men's 1 Meter Finals:        

DaeQuan Quinn                8th Place


Women's 3 Meter Prelims:    44 collegiate and/or elite club divers in the contest

Jackie Brenn:    6th Place

Daryn Wright:    8th Place

Rylee Dahlman  11th Place

Mikayla Zick      18th Place

Mallory Walker  19th Place

Kristina Zick      23rd Place


Women's 3 Meter Finals:

Daryn Wright:    4th Place    Highest finishing American diver

Jackie Brenn:    7th Place    One of 2 younger than college aged divers in the finals



Men's 3 Meter Prelims:

Isaac Khamis:    6th Place


Men's 3 Meter Finals:

Isaac Khamis:    4th Place    Highest finishing American diver



Women's Platform Finals:

Amy Cozad Magaña       4th Place    Highest finishing American Diver

Kristina Zick                   5th Place     2nd Highest finishing American Diver

Daryn Wright                  8th Place

Mikayla Zick                  10th Place





Sean McCarthy

IISD International Training Center Head Coach