IISD International Initiative


Hi IISD Members:

We recently embarked on a new International IISD venture... one that puts the Indiana International School of Diving on the "international map" as planned and preferred on an annual basis.  Currently this mission includes self-funded experiences for IISD qualified divers to such away ventures.  With the expected building and promotion of our new IISD Parent Committee, we may be able to budget partial funding for such ventures in the future.  At this point we are in the early stage of development on this initiative.  For any parents who would like to get involved as part of the IISD Parent Committee, please contact Christie Wright - toddcris@sbcglobal.net

We expect to search for and provide more international diving exposure for our IISD Members than USA Diving has performed for our Members.  I'll discuss below the projected qualification standards we'll target for the 2017 year of assessments and consideration for our IISD International Team Qualifiers.  As there's been some inquiry about this concept and our protocols of selection of IISD International Team Members for the 2016 event at Miami of Ohio, I'll start with a brief history and protocol review for all on that event as it has unfolded last weekend.

1.  At our Coaches' Retreat in September, we discussed and voted in agreement to pursue an International event at which our qualified athletes may be selected as "IISD International Team" to participate.  The original target meet was CAMO, Montreal.  This meet this year, unfortunately, was moved to the first week in November around the schedule of the December Junior Worlds in Russia.  As we had decided to make the Creepy Classic a "last chance qualifier" for our IISD International representatives at the IISD Coaches' Retreat, and later informed all IISD coaches who may not have been in attendance of this, we had also recognized that we didn't know how many divers CAMO would welcome from one USA Diving Team.  We later rerouted our attendance interest to Miami of Ohio, where in the past we had been offered 5 diving spots.  This year we were offered more spots - up to 10 spots available.  We had informed our staff of this as soon as we discovered.  

2.  We had originally devoted our selection process to include A.  Divers who qualified for the Semi Finals and Finals at the USA Diving Nationals.  We had 7 divers qualified, and reduced this field to 6 after recognizing we'd not be going to Canada for a Junior event, and one of our qualifiers was an 11-under who didn't have 6 springboard optionals to perform in an NCAA format meet.  B.  We recalibrated our selection process to include spots selected for an NCAA diving format of 6 optional dives on 1 meter and 3 meter.  C.  We accepted bids of 2 additional IISD divers who performed in the Open Events of the Creepy Classic...   D.  And we accepted 1 additional bid of an Olympian returning from Rio who again joined our training ranks in recent months.

3.  The Individual 1m and 3m Junior events were looked at and considered, but as the dive requirement for this meet would be to perform 6 optional dives per springboard event and 5 optional dives per platform event, and understanding that we were at or near capacity and filled for this event in terms of team participants, and understanding that we didn't receive additional nominations for participants, we didn't act further to fill the field of up to 1 remaining spot available.  Our IISD Board reviewed 2 petitions to fill 2 spots based on the Open Events of the Creepy Classic.  Our coaches had been informed at our Retreat in September that the Creepy Classic would be a last chance qualifier for an international event, and that they may address this with their diving families regarding training interests to pursue.  We made it a club policy that it would be coach's discretion to bring this potential training and qualifying interest to their individual diving families should they choose to.  We were later obliged to focus on the Open Events as the fertile arena in which we would select additional team members.  We did adjust the Open events at the Creepy Classic to reflect what Open divers would need to peform in Canada, and this was enhanced to match what an NCAA Division I diver would need to perform in competition.  What we didn't know until later is that the meet would be a college diving format and at another location.

Moving forward, we'd like to remain open in our communication processes on IISD International event selection.  We plan to attend the Dec, 2017 CAMO meet in Montreal with a determined IISD International Team.  We'd like to share the following selection parameters up front, not yet knowing how many divers from a particular team would be accepted into the CAMO International Meet next December.  Also, moving forward, we will gather athlete placings/rankings and detailed participant meet results per event and form a matrix of those who would be considered and may be nominated by their coach to attend.  The priorities of standards that may be considered to qualify will likely follow those listed below:

1.  Top 6 Junior Finalists at USA Diving National Championships as well as all Senior National Event qualifiers (assuming the CAMO Meet has Open events). 

2.  If room for more participants:  Top 7-12 Place Junior Finalists at USA Diving National Championships

3.  If room for more participants:  Top placing Semi - Finalists at USA Diving National Championships

4.  If room for more participants:  Top 3 Open Event and/or Junior Event Groups A,B,C, D (if CAMO includes the D group) who have acceptable scores achieved from our July Future Champions Invite and our Creepy Classic Invite. 

5.  If participants are tied or close in their consideration of placings and scores at the FCI and Creepy Classic events:  We may take into account athlete performance at our 3 scheduled IISD Levels Meets throughout the year.

All the above standards of consideration will depend on how many divers CAMO meet hosts or our IISD Board may determine should be eligible to represent the IISD at an International event under our banner... if in fact we go to CAMO or if other international meet options surface.  In the future, we will work to populate a field of potentially qualified IISD divers based on the above, and proactively communicate with coaches to discover what potentially qualified members of their roster the coach would endorse and nominate to represent us abroad.

It remains healthy and good that there is a now awakened population of IISD Divers who would like to pursue this interest.  Instilling this interest and the notion that if our kids train hard, they may have special opportunities in the sport, is in large part the concept we wish to pursue.


Sean McCarthy

IISD Executive Director