IISD at 2016 Winter Nationals


The IISD had two divers representing us at the 2016 USA Diving Winter National Championships.  Results:

Amy Cozad Magaña      Platform:  Gold                         Platform Mixed Synchro:  Silver

Daryn Wright:                   1m          19th Place                3m          25th Place

These athletes did an awesome job this weekend… one being a returning Olympian potentially setting her sights on Tokyo, the other being a youngling under our care who’s beginning to find her way in the sport.   Both these divers accrued many well earned compliments and encouraging words from several of our Olympic level diving coaches and judges in the USA.   

It is revealing and rewarding to note our history of influence in the diving world as it continues to be measured today from our former divers still active in the field.  Former divers of the IISD coaching staff who were performing at the 2016 USA Diving Winter National Championships:

Zachary Cooper

Christy Cutshaw

Steele Johnson

Morgan Meixner

Bridget O’ Neil

Jordan Windle

Former and present divers who have been trained by our IISD Staff constituted 8.4% of the field of entrants to the USA Diving Elite Winter Nationals   Of this group… accomplishments included:

Bronze Medalists:            2

Silver Medalists:               3

Gold Medalists:                3

Top 3 Medalists:               8

Percentage of Total Top 3 Medalists awarded for the contest:   8/33       24.2%    This is VERY impressive considering our present and former divers represented 8.4% of the competitive field yet gathered nearly a quarter of the Top 3 Medals at one of the most elite Senior competitions on the USA Diving annual calendar.   Not just our opinion or faith, but statistics support that the IISD remains one of the most successful and influential elite diver developmental programs in the USA!!!

Have a wonderful holiday and best in training to all for the exciting New Year!


Sean McCarthy

IISD Executive Director