IHSAA 2018 Results - updated



Hi IISD Families:

The below are the 2018 Girls and Boys IHSAA Results for our Indiana International School of Diving participants.  IISD Divers identified below are IISD club divers in the present or past, divers coached by IISD Staff in the past/present, or IHSAA divers who do not do club diving but are or have been coached by present IISD Staff. 

Thank you to all our diving Families who have made the conscious decision over the years to support great sport and life opportunities for your children enrolled in our program.  The IISD hopes to continue to reward this investment with great life experiences inside and outside the sport of diving under the coaching care of our incredible IISD Staff. 

For your working knowledge as per the below IHSAA rules:

Top 4 advance from the Sectionals, Top 8 advance from the Regionals, State Contenders = Top 32… State Finalists = Top 16.


Girls IHSAA State Championship Series:  2018


Regarding Girls Sectionals:         The IISD had representation at 12/20 IHSAA Sectional Championships.  Of this field, IISD representatives secured 11/12 Sectional Titles, 21/33 Top 3 Medals, and produced 42/44 IISD participant Sectional Top 12 Medalists.


Regarding Girls Regionals:          The IISD had representation in 4/4 Regional Championships.  IISD posted 4/4 Regional Champions, 10/12 Top 3 Medalists, and 17/32 State Qualifiers.


Regarding IHSAA Girls State Championships:     The IISD had 17 divers in the contest – more than half the field.  We secured 7/8 Top 8 Medalists with the Top 7 spots, and secured 5 additional 9-16th place spots.  That’s 12 in the Top 16… which is pretty much more than any single swim organization has ever achieved at the state championship level… and a badge of honor that is becoming statistically familiar to the IISD. 


Congratulations to all our divers/coaches/families.  Top Honors this year go to our incredible Diver and Coach Team:  Sara Troyer – Champion - under the tutelage of the amazing Coach Bob Burns.  Thank you both for your many years of dedication and commitment in the field, and for paving the way that our next generation of divers and coaches may pursue greatness in the sport! 


Please enjoy reviewing the results below… they were well earned!:


Girls Sectional Results:                                 Top 4 advance to the Regionals.


Sara Troyer:                        Sectional Champion      

Mary Grossman:              Sectional Runner Up     

JC Burbrink:                        Sectional 6th Place


Jackie Brenn:                     Sectional Champion      

Mallory Walker:               Sectional Runner Up     

Kayla Luarde:                     Sectional 3rd Place          

Anna Yaggy:                       Sectional 4th Place                          

Maddison Gleave:           Sectional 5th Place           

Kaylie Cripe:                       Sectional 6th Place

Sophia Jimenez:                               Sectional 7th Place

Peyton Yoquelet:             Sectional 8th Place


Sarah Ballard:                    Sectional Champion      

Sophie Fonacier:              Sectional 8th Place

Maddie Cougill:                 Sectional 10th Place

Elayna Sisson:                    Sectional 11th Place


Alayna Heyde:                  Sectional Champion      

Emma Toomey:                Sectional 3rd Place          

Taylor Jackson:                  Sectional 7th Place

Grace Helms:                     Sectional 10th Place

Gabby Sanburn:                               Sectional 12th Place

Kaitlyn McGraw:               Sectional 13th Place


Kristina Zick:                      Sectional Champion      

Mikayla Zick:                     Sectional Runner Up     

Kendra Seymour:             Sectional 3rd Place          

Kate Steiner:                     Sectional 4th Place          

Brooke Bernhardt:          Sectional 5th Place

Kamryn Elder:                    Sectional 8th Place

Ella West:                            Sectional 10th Place


Molly Garner:                   Sectional 3rd Place          


Evie Geier:                         Sectional Champion      

Kamryn Blake:                   Sectional 3rd Place          

Emma Gentry:                   Sectional 6th Place

Kyra McKinney:                Sectional 11th Place


Ashlyn Kent:                      Sectional Champion      

Carley Divish:                     Sectional 8th Place

Michelle Wang:                 Sectional 14th Place


Jolie Rusznak:                   Sectional Champion      


Sarah Kempf:                     Sectional Champion      

Faith Jackson:                    Sectional Runner Up      

Sadie Mills:                         Sectional 3rd Place           

Midori Adams:                  Sectional 4th Place           

Kenzie Mills:                       Sectional 7th Place           


Maggie Gregory:              Sectional Champion                      


Colleen Ray:                      Sectional Champion      



Girls Regional Results:  Top 8 advance to State Championships


Jackie Brenn:                     Regional Champion       

Evie Geier:                         Regional Champion       

Sadie Mills:                        Regional Champion       

Sara Troyer:                        Regional Champion       

Sarah Kempf:                     Regional Runner Up      

Mary Grossman:              Regional Runner Up      

Mikayla Zick:                     Regional Runner Up      

Faith Jackson:                    Regional 3rd Place           

Mallory Walker:               Regional 3rd Place           

Kristina Zick:                      Regional 3rd Place           

Kayla Luarde:                     Regional 4th Place

Maggie Gregory:              Regional 5th Place           

Sarah Ballard:                    Regional 6th Place           

Kamryn Blake:                   Regional 7th Place           

Colleen Ray:                      Regional 7th Place

Alayna Heyde:                  Regional 8th Place           

Jolie Rusznak:                   Regional 8th Place           

Ashlyn Kent:                      Regional 9th Place

Kate Steiner:                      Regional 10th Place

Anna Yaggy:                       Regional 10th Place          

Emma Toomey:                Regional 11th Place

Midori Adams:                  Regional 12th Place

Kendra Seymour:             Regional 13th Place

Molly Garner:                    Regional 14th Place



Girls State Results:         Top 16 score in the Finals in the Fine State of Indiana!


Sara Troyer:                        State Champion

Jackie Brenn:                     State Runner Up

Evie Geier:                         State 3rd Place

Sarah Ballard:                    State 4th Place

Mary Grossman:              State 5th Place

Mallory Walker:               State 6th Place

Kayla Luarde:                     State 7th Place

Alayna Heyde:                  State 10th Place

Mikayla Zick:                     State 11th Place

Kristina Zick:                      State 12th Place

Kamryn Blake:                   State 13th Place

Sadie Mills:                        State 16th Place

Colleen Ray:                       State 19th Place

Faith Jackson:                    State 21st Place

Jolie Rusznak:                    State 27th Place

Sarah Kempf:                     State 29th Place

Maggie Gregory:              State 30th Place



Boys IHSAA State Championship Series - 2018

Regarding Boys Sectionals:         The IISD had representation at 7/20 IHSAA Sectional Championships.  Of this field, IISD representatives secured 5/7 Sectional Titles, 9/21 Top 3 Medals, and produced 16/17 IISD participant Sectional Top 12 Medalists.


Regarding Boys Regionals:          The IISD had representation in 3/4 Regional Championships.  IISD posted 2/4 Regional Champions, 4/9 Top 3 Medalists, and 6/32 State Qualifiers.


Regarding IHSAA Boys State Championships:     The IISD had 6/32 divers in the contest.  We secured 3 Top 8 Medalists with the Top 2 spots, and secured 2 additional 9-16th place spots.  That’s 5/6 of our boys in the Top 16. Pretty good!    


Boys Sectional Results:                 Top 4 advance to Regionals


Logan Brown:                    Sectional Champion


Joshua Parquet:               Sectional Champion


Aiden Werner:                 Sectional Champion


Isaac Khamis:                     Sectional Champion

Benjamin Rader:              Sectional Runner Up

Johnathan Jellison:         Sectional 3rd Place

Jordan Spearman:           Sectional 4th Place


Connor Mihavics:            Sectional Champion

Nate Prendergast:           Sectional Runner Up

Matthew Hayward:        Sectional 3rd Place

Spencer Collier:                               Sectional 4th Place

Isaac Hunter:                     Sectional 5th Place

James Swinehart:            Sectional 6th Place


Jachob Davis:                     Sectional 6th Place

Evan Shipman:                  Sectional 10h Place

Xan Branham:                    Sectional 15th Place


Brevan Graham:               Sectional 9th Place



Boys Regional Results:                  Top 8 advance to State Championships


Isaac Khamis:                     Regional Champion

Aiden Werner:                 Regional Runner Up

Benjamin Rader:              Regional 3rd Place

Joshua Parquet:               Regional 4th Place

Johnathan Jellison:         Regional 6th Place

Jordan Spearman:           Regional 11th Place


Logan Brown:                    Regional Champion


Spencer Collier:                Regional 10th Place

Nate Prendergast:           Regional 12th Place

Mathew Hayward:          Regional 14th Place

Conner Mihavics:             Regional 15th Place



Boys State Results:         Top 16 score in the Finals in the Fine State of Indiana!


Isaac Khamis:                     State Champion

Aiden Werner:                  State Runner Up

Logan Brown:                    State 6th Place

Johnathan Jellison:          State 13th Place

Benjamin Rader:              State 15th Place

Joshua Parquet:                               State 27th Place


Special Honors go to Isaac Khamis, having placed 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and 1st again at the State Championships throughout his high school diving career… Isaac has won the impressive IHSAA “Best Mental Attitude” Award for the 2018 season.  Enjoy the below read:


Senior Isaac Khamis of Richmond wins Mental Attitude Award
Senior Isaac Khamis of Richmond High School was recognized following the state championship meet by the IHSAA Executive Committee as this year’s winner of the Mental Attitude Award, named in honor of Herman F. Keller.

Khamis is a four-time state place winner in diving, and two-time state champion. During his freshman and sophomore year, Khamis took third place and second place, respectively. He has also won diving at the conference and sectional level yearly. He was named the captain of the swimming and diving team at Richmond for the 2017-18 season. 

Outside of diving, he was a member of the band for three years. He also volunteers his time at the Animal HELP Shelter, and has helped clean parks within his community. Khamis is also part of his church’s youth choir and youth group.

In the realm of academics, he ranks second in his senior class of 287 students. Khamis is also a member of his school's National Honors Society. 

Khamis is the son of Kathy and Michael Khamis of Richmond. After graduating from Richmond High School, he will attend the University of Missouri and dive for the Tigers.

Each year the IHSAA Executive Committee selects a senior who was nominated by his principal and coach and was determined to have best demonstrated mental attitude, scholarship, leadership and athletic ability. The Committee presented $1,000 to Richmond High School's general scholarship fund in the name of Khamis.

Great job this year to all at the IHSAA State Championship series events!!!