The Indiana International School of Diving Practice Makeup Policy


  • Divers are encouraged to communicate any schedule conflicts with the coach so he/she may try to accommodate the athlete’s training schedule.  The coach won’t always be able to do this, but knowing the individual diver’s circumstances helps.  The IISD Club is always appreciative of young people who wish to dive!


  • In the IISD Program, coaches attempt to schedule 12 practices per month for 3 day per week divers, 16 practices per month for 4 day per week divers, 20 practices per month for 5 day per week divers, and 24 practices per month for 6 day per week divers.  We do not officially provide makeup opportunities for holidays, diving events, weather related cancellations, or short term facility closings that interfere with our ability to offer practices. 


  • We do try to arrange makeup opportunities for unexpected cancellations such as pool closings and closings due to extenuating circumstances.  Interested parents are encouraged to contact the coach for a list of extra dates at which their child may attend makeup practices in the event of facility closings.


  • In the event that cancellations occur for a prolonged amount of days, with an amount of cancellations that can not reasonably be made up, the coach may prorate the team’s monthly invoice for the affected month or credit the diving families with the prorated discount for the next month.


  • Coaches often try to schedule extra practices throughout the year to proactively manage circumstances of unexpected cancellations.  Though cancellations may short change the number of practice days in some months, following months may offer some additional diving opportunities than the number of practices targeting for each group.  Please check your practice schedule to see if this is the case.


  • Club membership levels may be adjusted ahead of time (with 30 day’s notice) for circumstances where athletes may not available to attend regular practices.  However, families should be aware that monthly club membership fees with the IISD are arranged per customer interest just like monthly membership dues at any sporting club – at a pre-arranged, agreed upon rate.  Should an athlete not be available to attend practices at his or her arranged participation level, yet the practices be hosted, the family is not necessarily due make up opportunities for missed practice circumstances. 


  • Families who plan to be away from training for a period of time (vacation, camp, etc) are to communicate such situations of interest to their representative IISD Coach with a minimum of 30 days notice.  In some cases concerning Travel Team Members, athletes are not permitted any training interruptions between qualifying events and the following National Championships (peak performance event).  Athletes may be removed from the Travel Team in any given season should they attend a vacation between a qualifying event at peak performance event as per their IISD Coach’s discretion.  The IISD does not prorate for Family vacations or camps attended outside of our organization.  Should the Coach be away for an IISD Club Travel Event at any time(s) throughout the year, families may be able to arrange other available training days/hours before and/or after to make-up training opportunities as per representative IISD Coach’s discretion.