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The JHS Natatorium is an 8 lane, 40 yard pool. It is 24 yards wide, allowing for an excellent warm down pool. During competition, the (2), 4 foot wide bulkheads are placed together and placed in over 6 foot of water. The starting end is located at the deep end, which is 13 feet deep. This creates all-deep water, racing pool. Our facility is equipped with Colorado timing system and scoreboard including relay-judging platforms. JHS also has 2 computers in the pool area dedicated to meet management. The pool office has a photocopy machine for use at meets. Our meet manager computer is on deck, interfaced with the timing system for quick result posting. This computer is also connected to the internet, giving us the ability to post live results on our team web page (

Our spectator area is well lit and air conditioned. We have a seating capacity of 450 in the balcony.

Pictured above is the shallow end (4 feet). During competitions, this part is reserved for warm up and warm down. In 2005, Jasper hosted one of the largest IHSAA sectionals in the state with 18 teams. Our deck can accommodate over 200 swimmers.

The image shows the area we use for swimmer camping. It has 3 gym floors, allowing plenty of space. The 2 doors you see in this picture lead directly to the swimming balcony and locker rooms. The gym is also PA system accessible.