How to track individual times?

Multiple sources are available to track historical times for individual swimmers.

JAWS website - JAWS maintains a database of swimmers individual times. To access your times, connect to your account by clicking "Sign In" on the left and click on "My Meet Results" under "My Account" on the left menu. You can also access individual times on your smartphone with OnDeck Parent, an app available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android phone. Use your JAWS account's login and password to connect.


USA Swimming DECK PASS - The official source for historical times data for individual swimmers is the SWIMS database maintained by USA Swimming. There is no charge for accessing this database. Swimmers can create a Deck Pass account on the USA Swimming webiste. Deck pass allows USA Swimming members to track their times, earn digital patches for competing-automatically or awarded by coaches, check IMX scores, best time, recent meets and rankings; and connect with friends! Note that age group times on the USA Swimming web site are not benchmarked to Indiana Swimming time standards but to USA Swimming's National Age Group Motivational time standard which are slightly different. Also, the SWIMS database does not include times for 25-yard events for 8/under swimmers.