Swimmer s
Swimmers Expect:
  • Communication on their progress on a regular basis
  • To receive instruction on form, technique and competition, so that they may perform to the best of their ability
  • To have fun while learning
Swimmers are expected to:
  • Be at all practices or let coaches know that they will be absent
  • Be on deck ready to start at the scheduled start time of practice. If they are late they will have to do additional laps, lunges, etc.
  • Respect coaches and teammates
  • Participate in club events
  • Do their best
  • Have fun
Parents Expect:
  • To receive feedback about their swimmers progress regularly
  • To receive communication regarding team, board meetings, and upcoming events on a regular basis
  • The best possible coaching for their swimmer
Parents are expected to:
  • Ensure swimmer is at practice and ready to swim by the practice start time. If they are late they will have to do additional laps, lunges, etc.
  • Respect and support the coaches and let them do the coaching
  • Stay off of the pool deck during practice
  • Communicate with coaches at the end of practice in the bleacher area
  • Participate in club events
  • Assist with swim meets hosted by the club
  • Provide paperwork, meet entry information, and payments by the deadlines
  • Encourage your swimmer to do their best
  • Have fun
*If the swimmer does not follow these expectations the coaches have the right to give them 3 warnings.
  1st. Verbal warning discussing to the swimmers what is expected from them
  2nd. Discussion with the swimmer and their parent
  3rd. Unfortunately the swimmer is not respectful and is out for the season


Coaches Expect:
  • To have swimmers on deck and ready to go at practice start time
  • To have swimmers that are eager to learn
  • To have parents and a board that support and respect them
  • To have a fun successful season
Coaches are expected to:
  • Be at all practices and meets unless otherwise arranged and proper notification given
  • Start and end practices on time
  • Provide active, hands on coaching
  • Encourage swimmers to do their best
  • Communicate on a regular basis with all levels of the club
  • Provide monthly progress reports to all swimmers
  • Be accessible to parents immediately following practice in the bleachers area
  • Participate in training/development opportunities
JCSC Board
The Board Expects:
  • To have a successful season with a large group of competitive swimmers and active parents
  • To have a highly skilled coaching staff that communicates well with all levels of the club
The Board is expected to:
  • Provide guidance to the competitive swim program
  • Provide well trained coaches who are good instructors
  • Provide insurance coverage to swimmers
  • Pay for coaches certification
  • Communicate with all levels of the club
  • Serve as a mediator between coaches and parents when needed
  • Support and respect the coaching staff
  • Be insightful and helpful to the parents
  • Continually develop and grow the swim program
  • Have fun