Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?

It is preferred that everyone register online.  If you are unable to do so or have a special situation that needs to be addressed, please email for assistance.  The agreements and waivers can viewed at any time during the season HERE.

How do I know what practice group to register for?

If your child is new to swimming please contact the head coach to schedule a time for evaluation.  If your child is not new to swimming, please take a look at our Practice Groups page and when registering, choose the group you think best fits your child's age and ability level.  If after practice begins you or your child's coach think the group is too easy and/or challenging an adjustment can be made so that they are in the group that fits them best.  

When are monthly invoices and fees due?

Monthly fees for any given month are due by the first of that month.  So, as an example, fees for October swimming are due by October 1st.  Any additional fees for things such as swim meet fees or equipment are due by the first of the next calendar month.  All monthly invoices are charged to the payment method on file on the first of each month.  Invoices are available to view throughout the month through your member account.  In addition to monthly membership fees your invoice may include meet entry fees and/or other charges you have authorized to be billed to your account.  

Do you charge credit processing fees?

Yes.  Credit processing fees are 30 cents + 2.95% per transaction.  You may avoid these fees by setting your default payment method on file to ACH (automatic deduction from your checking or savings account) or paying by check.

Are discounts available?

Yes, families with a 3rd swimmer will receive a discount of 50% on their monthly fees for that 3rd swimmer.  A 4th swimmer will not be charged any monthly fees.  All swimmers beyond that will be regular price. 

***The 3rd and 4th swimmer discounts will only apply to the 3rd and 4th smallest monthly fee amounts for ACTIVE swimmers.  These discounts are only available with 2 full price ACTIVE swimmers. 

Are there other ways to decrease my fees?

There are two ways to earn credit.

1)  Sponsorship Credit - A credit in the amount of 5% of the total will be applied towards your account for any sponsorship over $100.  So, if you land a sponsorship of $1000 you would receive a credit of $50 towards your account.  Swim-a-thon money is not eligible.  (Please contact the chair of the Fundraising, Sponsorship, and Scholarship committee chair Tina Howell (

2)  Volunteer Rewards Program - For every 50 volunteer hours worked a credit of $50 will be applied to your account.  Details of the program may be viewed HERE.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, scholarships are available for families that qualify.  Scholarships come in the form of reduced monthly fees.  100 volunteer hours per year are a condition of receiving a scholarship.  LCA also has an Outreach Program that offers reduced USA Swimming membership Fees to families that qualify.  For more information on scholarships please email

How does the two-week trial period work?

All swimmers new to LCA are eligible for a two-week trial period.  The two-week trial period gives you the opportunity to see if LCA fits what you are looking for before committing to the full season.  The two-week trial period requires you to register online and pay for one month of fees as well as the USA Swimming Flex membership.  This is a requirement of USA Swimming for coverage under the club's insurance policy.  If you cancel within the first 2 weeks you will receive a full refund minus any credit card or transaction fees.

Am I required to join USA Swimming?

Yes, all members of LCA are required to be members of USA Swimming.  This year USA Swimming is offering two membership options, flex and premium.  Please review the USA Membership Description for full details of each option.  If you do not select one of the USA Swimming Membership options at the time of registration you will be automatically enrolled in the Premium Membership and the applicable fee will be billed to your account.  Also, if you are new to USA Swimming we will need a copy of each swimmer’s birth certificate to process the USA Swimming Membership.  Quality scans or pictures of birth certificates can be emailed to  or given to your coach at practice.

What is the LCA Legacy Swimmer program?

Members that complete at least 18 months with LCA between September of their Freshman year of high school and May of their Senior year will be eligible to swim free of monthly fees after receiving their diploma.

***Swimmers will still be responsible for the cost of their USA membership as well as any additional fees incurred such as meet entry fees or equipment costs.