LCA News (Week 22)

Adam Young
Jan 28, 2019

We now reach the peak of busy season at the pool with the start of Middle School Swimming.  This means we are more limited with pool time.  We will not be able to get into the water until 6:30 when they practice.  There are also several meets.  When they are away, we will have regular length practices.  Home meets will mean no practice.  So, as always and now more than ever, keep an eye on the calendar!  Now for the updates: 


SCHEDULE – Girls Sectionals are Thursday and Saturday.  With the start of middle school we will have Blue and Diamond starting at 6 with stretching and dryland.  Regular practice length on Wednesday.  Saturday is somewhat up in the air, for now, as we will practice earlier than currently scheduled if we can.  I am also concerned about the possibility of a “snow day” due to the possibility of -200 degree temperatures.

CHAMPIONSHIP T-SHIRT DESIGNS – Swimmers are encouraged to submit a design for this season’s championship shirts.  Designs must be limited to 3 colors or less.  Designs must be submitted by February 7th. 

MISSING A GRIDDLE? – A griddle was left behind at the Pancake Practice.  If it is yours, please let me know.

NOT SWIMMING IN FEBRUARY? – If you are not swimming in February please communicate this prior to the 1st.  Otherwise you will be invoiced for February.  (Season Commitment Monthly Pay swimmers must still pay whether swimming or not).

MIDDLE SCHOOL MEETS – LCA is responsible for running middle school home meets.  This is an excellent change to pick up a lot of volunteer credit.  Further, it is a great time to get trained on specific positions like DAK Operator as well as set up and tear down.  Sign ups for positions are active on the website.  WE NEED SOME FOLKS TO LEARN THE DAK SYSTEM IN THE CROWS NEST!

INTRASQUAD/TIME TRIAL – This is a home meet on February 24th which is a Sunday afternoon.  We will run a competitive session much like our intrasquad meet at the beginning of the season.  There will also be a time trial session immediately following for those looking to get final chance times in specific events.

TRASH BAGS – We have them in stock.  If you need more, please contact Tina Howell.  The trash bag fundraiser is basically an all the time thing and we usually end up having repeat customers throughout the year.

COMMITTEES – There are still openings on all committees.  If you are interested in finding out more about what these groups do and what is involved, please let me know.  There is something for everyone so whatever your talents and passions there is a place for you to shine. 

***We are just starting to ramp up for all our Summer events and can use your help.  Especially on the meet committee.  If you are interested in helping me on this committee, please let me know.

Have a great week!