LCA News (LC Week 4)

Adam Young
Apr 22, 2019

The improvement in the water is already really noticable and it's hard not to get excited thinking about what they will do at our first competitions!  There are a lot of updates this week so here we go!

SCHEDULE – Red, Developmental and Minnows will be on Friday instead of Thursday.  Blue Group will not have practice Saturday.

***This month we have swim lessons so start and finish times for some groups will be a little different depending on the day. 

***Swimmers need to have shoes and clothing for outdoor activities on Saturdays. 

WAC PENTATHLON – Our first meet of the season is coming up (May 4/5).  The meet is a great first competition as it is only one session Saturday and Sunday.  It will be at Warren Central High School on the West side of Indianapolis (not far off of 465).  If you have not committed yet, please do so.  The final entry deadline is Thursday.

INTRASQUAD MEET – Two weeks after the WAC meet will be our Spring Intrasquad.  This is a great opportunity for newer, younger swimmers to get their first taste of competition in a comfortable home pool environment.  As a home event we will need volunteer help on deck and off. 

SEASON COMMIT MONTHLY PAY – Just a friendly reminder that this fee option for Spring/Summer is for the entire season (April - August).  While the single pay option will remain an option until the beginning of June the reduced fee/monthly pay option will only be available to brand new swimmers after April.  If you have questions or need clarity please ask or review the registration agreements for details.

VOLUNTEER REWARDS – We are approaching our busy season, and this means a big opportunity for our membership.  If you check your account, you can see how many volunteer hours you have accumulated thus far.  Every 50 hours = $50 credit on your account.  We have awarded a number of credits already since the program began in September.  Some have already earned a second $50 credit.  Information on the program is available on the website.  Basically, you earn hours for things like being on a committee, jobs at meets (timing, concessions etc.) and other tasks.  The cool thing is if you get Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and siblings helping you can bank some serious hours for your account.

***Our ability to have some of the lowest fees compared to other clubs in Indiana is directly tied to our ability to host successful events like Intrasquad meets, The Hubie, The Stone City Showdown, Swim-a-thon etc.  We can only make these things happen with help from our membership.

LCA EQUIPMENT STORE – After numerous requests we now have a variety of goggles and swim caps, including long hair caps, available at the pool.  Skip the S&H and higher online costs.  We have a variety of colors and styles.

LCA APPAREL – Order forms are available for LCA apparel.  You can find them on the Parent info board at the pool.  Completed forms may be dropped in the mailbox.  Orders are fulfilled once per month.

LCA CUSTOM CAPS AND DECALS – Order forms are available for custom caps and decals.  These are due by the end of April.  Please drop completed forms in the mailbox or give them to me.

Please note:

  • The season will go from April 1 to August 24th.
  • Evenings will once again be available in June and July.  (All practices are evening once school begins.
  • A few important dates: 
    • Spring Intrasquad                                                            Saturday, May 18th
    • Hubie                                                                                    Sat./Sun. June 22/23rd
    • Picture Day/Swim-a-thon/Ice Cream Social           Saturday, July 6th
    • Stone City Showdown                                                    Friday/Saturday July 12/13th

TRASH BAGS – We have them in stock.  If you need more, please contact Tina Howell.  The trash bag fundraiser is basically an all the time thing and we usually end up having repeat customers throughout the year.

***We are just starting to ramp up for all our Summer events and can use your help.  Especially on the meet committee.  If you are interested in helping me on this committee, please let me know.

Have a great week!