LCA News (LC Week 14)

Adam Young
Jun 30, 2019

It is the busiest time of year for our club!  The parade was a huge success and the squad gave out 1200 popsicles!  Well, maybe less than that as some didn’t make it off the float.  We have our second conference dual meet at Mitchell on Tuesday, The 4th is Thursday and then the big day Saturday with pictures, swim-a-thon and all you can eat ice cream!  Be sure to check the schedule as we only have 3 days of practice for most everyone!

SCHEDULE – The biggest change is that Morning Red/Minnows/Developmental will move to the outdoor pool Monday (tomorrow) and will start at 8:30.  Here are some other scheduling items to note:

  1. There will be practice for Blue/Diamond Tuesday morning.
  2. Please be dressed and ready on deck at Mitchell at 5:15.  Our Warm up begins at 5:30.
  3. There will be practice for all of the PM groups at BNL Wednesday.
    1. Please note Minnows and Developmental will begin at 7:00 that night.

STONE CITY SHOWDOWN – This meet is at BNL and is the last opportunity for swimmers to get cuts heading into championship season.  There will be a Friday night session for longer events.  The Saturday morning session will decide the conference championship.  Make sure you commit to this and leave a note as to which days you will attend.  There will be concessions, trophies and ribbons, high point and championship t-shirts.

PICTURE DAY – Please wear your team season t-shirt.  Pictures will begin promptly at 7:45. Everyone will have their picture taken.  There is no charge for this as you will be able to order online if you choose.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL - Lot's of ice cream, maybe some pies in the face, a few prizes & awards and more.  The event will be at the First Baptist Church which is about 2 blocks from the pool.  

SWIM-A-THON – Begins at 8:45 and everyone will have 2 hours to complete their swims. There will be lot’s of cool stuff going on throughout the event.  There will be snacks and drinks available for swimmers. 

                ***If you have not yet committed to swim the Distance Ace Challenge please do so.  I would like to know who is doing this ahead of time.         

MAAPP (SAFE SPORT POLICY) – I have a list of those that need to finish this.  Please see me at the pool if you have not yet completed this required form.

Please note:

  • The season will go from April 1 to August 24th.
  • A few important dates: 
    • @ Mitchell                                                                          Tuesday, July 2nd
    • Picture Day/Swim-a-thon/Ice Cream Social           Saturday, July 6th
    • Stone City Showdown                                                    Friday/Saturday July 12/13th

TRASH BAGS – We have them in stock.  If you need more, please contact Tina Howell.  The trash bag fundraiser is basically an all the time thing and we usually end up having repeat customers throughout the year.

Have a great week!