LCA News - Week 5 (SCY)

Adam Young

Here are this week’s updates:

SCHEDULE – No Diamond or Blue Saturday.  All other groups as scheduled.

For the time being we will also have Developmental from 10:15 to 11 on Saturday (no 11:15 to noon). until we add more swimmers.

FRST MEET – What a great weekend in Franklin!  We had mountains of PRs and lot’s of first-time swims!  I am still awaiting results from the host.

LOCKER ROOMS – We will begin transitioning to use of the girls PE locker room next week.  The on-deck locker room will be for Diamond/Senior swimmers only.  It will be available for restroom use.  There are only 2 shower stalls in that locker room, and it is causing some late departures in the evening.  The PE locker room is much larger.  Sometimes it may not be available due to other events at the school.  In those cases everyone will have to use the varsity lockerroom on deck.

No changes for the boys.

SPRING MILL SHINDIG – It’s finally here!!!  Saturday at Spring Mill is where it’s at.  The Red Cross cabin will host our second annual shindig.  We will open up at 1:00 for everyone to enjoy the park and then a cookout at 5:00. 

FALL INTRASQUAD – Saturday, October 26th.  Warmups at 9:00.  Meet begins at 10.  This is a great opportunity for:

  • HS swimmers to get times before the start of their season.  Especially in non-HS events.
  • New and newer swimmers to get times thus avoiding the dreaded “No Time” heat at swim meets.
  • Grandparents, aunts, uncles, 3rd cousins etc. to see how fast their swimmer is getting!

COMMUNICATION – This is more of a heads up than anything.  From the time I leave to drive down to Bedford until the end of practice I really don’t check my phone much.  Even if I do check it during practice, I don’t take time to reply to anything.  So, if you text, Facebook message, email or even call I probably won’t see it until 9:00 at night or the following morning.  The best way to have a chance of reaching me during those times is to call.  If I am driving, I will usually answer.  If practice is happening I won’t.  

Overall the best way to reach me day to day electronically is email.  I have found that text messages and Facebook messenger communication can be problematic if for no other reason than the volume.  I find it’s easy for those to get lost in the shuffle because if you read it but don’t have time to reply at that moment there is no way to mark it in order to circle back around.  Certainly, the day of a swim meet or something like that texting is best.

The best thing to do if you have practice time or other questions the day of is to just post a question on Facebook.  Someone will answer. 

If you have not yet joined the closed Facebook page for the club please do so.  We have a public page and a closed page.  That latter is for sharing swim meet pictures and other things geared towards active members or alumni.  The public page is more for marketing purposes.

Have a great week!