LCA News - Week 6 (SCY)

Adam Young

Here are this week’s updates:

SCHEDULE – It is getting to be that time of year when the schedule requires a great deal more attention.  BNL home & away meets as well as holidays mean the “regular” schedule can differ from one week to the next.  It also means that all groups will start after the high school teams finish.  Some things to note for November:

  1. Developmental, Minnows, Red and Senior groups will practice M/W/F.  White group will practice M/T/TH/F.  Blue & Diamond groups will practice M – F.
  2. Saturday attendance has been well below the threshold necessary to justify scheduling them in November.  Saturday’s may be added for some groups should they become necessary.
  3. When we have a swim meet Developmental, Minnows and Red groups will practice M/T/W.  White/Blue/Senior and Diamond groups will not have practice scheduled Friday or Saturday of our meet weekends.

For October we have Developmental and Minnows A&B from 10:15 to 11 on Saturday (no 11:15 to noon). until we add more swimmers.



SWIM MEET SCHEDULE UPDATE – The Bloomington swim meet has been cancelled and we will be competing at Seymour that weekend instead.

FALL INTRASQUAD – Saturday, October 26th.  Warmups at 9:00.  Meet begins at 10.  This is a great opportunity for:

  • HS swimmers to get times before the start of their season.  Especially in non-HS events.
  • New and newer swimmers to get times thus avoiding the dreaded “No Time” heat at swim meets.
  • Grandparents, aunts, uncles, 3rd cousins etc. to see how fast their swimmer is getting!     


LOCKER ROOMS – We will begin transitioning to use of the girls PE locker room next week.  The on-deck locker room will be for Diamond/Senior swimmers only.  It will be available for restroom use.  There are only 2 shower stalls in that locker room, and it is causing some late departures in the evening.  The PE locker room is much larger.

No changes for the boys.

Have a great week!