Weekly News (Week 1)

Adam Young

The month off went by really fast!  We are back in the water today and a bit of a new era begins.  For the first time since 2012 we have one person heading up both the BNL teams and LCA.  This provides the opportunity to do some different things.  I think there has been a little confusion on the subject and so I want to go through those items in more detail.

HIGH SCHOOL GROUPS (DIAMOND/SENIOR GROUPS) – Going forward BNL high school swimmers will have their IHSAA approved two 2-hour practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays immediately after school.  Any BNL high school swimmer may attend these practices.  So, these swimmers should choose Senior group which swims Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  With the Tuesday/Thursday BNL HS practices after school this provides 5 days of practice per week.  Any non-BNL swimmer ordinarily in Diamond group will continue to register for Diamond group.  BNL HS swimmers will continue to choose Diamond group in the Spring/Summer.  The BNL HS Tuesday/Thursday practices are only available after school.  So, any HS swimmer that cannot attend after school practice but wishes to swim will register for Diamond group and may swim 6:00 – 8:00 Monday through Friday.

SENIOR GROUP SINGLE PAY PACKAGE – This package is a better deal than doing a single month at a time.  If your swimmer plans on swimming from September up to the beginning of BNL HS season and then after in order to swim Divisionals and State should choose this package.  It includes all SC season time before and after the HS season as well as your USA membership renewal. 

REGISTRATION – You are technically able to do anything on our website on your mobile device.  The reality is that it doesn’t always work well.  Drop down menus etc. don’t’ seem to function as well.  I recommend doing your registration on a PC/laptop.  No matter what if you have trouble with registration we can get you set up at the pool.  Preferably before or after practice.

MINNOWS – Just want to make sure everyone knows that we are doing Minnows.  Currently we are only doing the 5:30 time slot due to numbers.  If you have registered for the 6:30 time slot and cannot make the 5:30 time slot please message me.

SPRING MILL SHINDIG – Saturday, October 16th.  This event is a lot of fun.  We weren’t able to get the weekend we wanted and so the final weekend of Fall Break is when we are doing it.  I realize folks go on vacations etc. but I would love to have everyone there.  We rent the Red Cross shelter, cook out & pitch in, campfire and more.

INTRASQUAD/DUAL MEET -  We will do this October 23rd.  We will need volunteers/officials so please check your calendar.

EQUIPMENT NIGHT/SUIT SIZING – Elsmore will be back on site on Thursday, October 7th around 6:00.  They will have goggles and everything else.  We do this in conjunction with the HS team. 

BIRTH CERTIFICATES -  USA Swimming requires proof of age for memberships.  Please email or text me a picture of your swimmer’s birth certificate (ONLY IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST SEASON EVER).  While this is mostly for competition purposes it’s best to take care of it right out of the gate.  If you are unsure of your status on this please message me.

Have a great week!