Weekly News (Week 3)

Adam Young

You didn’t miss the week 2 news.  We didn’t do one!  Back with week 3 though and lots to cover!!!

SCHEDULE – Nothing different this week.  Looking ahead to Fall Break HS swimmers will practice at the 6:00 time slot that week since there is no school and some won’t have rides for an earlier start.  I expect we will start Diamond/HS groups at 5:30 that week along with Blue and White.  I will have more details on that next week.

ELSMORE SUIT SIZING/EQUIPMENT NIGHT – Elsmore will be at the pool Thursday, October 7th.  After much consideration we will be switching our team suit vendor from Speedo to TYR.  I realize that some of you purchased Speedo suits this Summer and you are not obligated to get another one.  However, if you have yet to get a team suit and plan on competing in meets this Winter you should get sized.  The good news is our new suit will look a lot like the one from Summer.  My hope is we can have this one for a couple of seasons.  Elsmore will also have goggles, practice suits, caps and all the other goodies your swimmer needs.  6:00 is when the store will open. 

SWIM-A-THON POOL PARTY – Friday, October 1st will be our pool party for the swim-a-thon.  Due to logistics everyone in our evening groups will get to participate!  If you are in the HS group practicing after school you are welcome to stay and attend.

REGISTRATION – You are technically able to do anything on our website on your mobile device.  The reality is that it doesn’t always work well.  Drop down menus etc. don’t’ seem to function as well.  I recommend doing your registration on a PC/laptop.  No matter what if you have trouble with registration we can get you set up at the pool.  Preferably before or after practice.

MINNOWS – Just want to make sure everyone knows that we are doing Minnows.  Currently we are only doing the 5:30 time slot due to numbers.  If you have registered for the 6:30 time slot and cannot make the 5:30 time slot please message me.

SPRING MILL SHINDIG – Saturday, October 16th.  This event is a lot of fun.  We weren’t able to get the weekend we wanted and so the final weekend of Fall Break is when we are doing it.  I realize folks go on vacations etc. but I would love to have everyone there.  We rent the Red Cross shelter, cook out & pitch in, campfire and more.

INTRASQUAD/DUAL MEET -  We will do this October 23rd.  We will need volunteers/officials so please check your calendar.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES -  USA Swimming requires proof of age for memberships.  Please email or text me a picture of your swimmer’s birth certificate (ONLY IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST SEASON EVER).  While this is mostly for competition purposes it’s best to take care of it right out of the gate.  If you are unsure of your status on this please message me.

Have a great week!