Weekly News (Week 9)

Adam Young

SCHEDULE UPDATES –Red group will begin at 5:45 and end at 6:45 effective immediately.  As a reminder beginning this week Red group will be back to it’s usual 3 day/week schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).  Coach Sidney is taking a sabbatical.  Coach Emma (Marshmallow) will be taking on Red group.

***Red group will practice Friday this week from 5:45 – 6:45

COMMUNICATION AND UPDATES – Make sure to double check your phone and email information in your accounts.  Also, even if you don’t do the Facebook thing generally think about at least getting on there and liking the LCA and BNL swimming pages.  There are a lot of communication methods that we use and unfortunately not all of them share the same usability.  Some have character limits (Remind).  Some have file or upload stops (Can’t post files on BNL HS Facebook page) etc.  If you are not receiving information via one or many of the tools we use and can’t figure out why please let me know and I can look into it.

USA MEMBERSHIPS – If you are still having any trouble getting your USA memberships taken care of please see me.  We may have to set up a time to sit down at the computer depending on your situation.

Don’t wait until the very end of the year if you are due to review by December 31st!

***For now birth certificates will still need to come to me.  You can email me a scan or picture.  I don’t actually need to see the paper document in person.


SEYMOUR MEET – Our next competition will be the Seymour Invitational.  I don’t have a meet letter yet but will post it as soon is it’s available.  This is an almost home meet and I would love to take a full team over there!

INTRASQUAD MEET – One of our best in a while.  We had 30 swimmers in the water and lot’s of folks in the stands.  We also had all the volunteers we needed to make it happen.  Thanks so much to everyone!

PLEASE JOIN THE REMIND GROUP TO ENSURE YOU RECEIVE UPDATES!  I will also post through Team Unify should we have to change practice due to weather or some other issue.

To join REMIND download the free app and text @3dkd8d to 81010.