Frequently Asked Questions



When are monthly fees due?

Monthly fees are due by the first of the month- for example: fees for October swimming are due by October 1st. Additional fees for swim meets or equipment are due by the first of the next calendar month.  


What are the payment options? 

We accept checks, automatic deduction via checking/savings or credit/debit cards. Invoices are charged to the payment method on file on the first of each month or check payment- place in the mailbox at the pool. Credit processing fees are 30 cents + 2.95% per transaction.  You may avoid these fees by setting your default payment method on file to ACH (automatic deduction from your checking or savings account) or paying by check.


How do I know how much I owe each month? 

Invoices are available to view throughout the month. To access your account, visit the LCA website- click on “Sign In” at the top right corner;use the email address and password utilized to complete registration. Click on “My Account” and select “Invoices and Payments”.


Are discounts available?

Families with a 3rd swimmer will receive a discount of 10% on their monthly training fees.  A family with 4 or more swimmers will receive a discount of 15% on their training fees. 


Are there other ways to decrease my fees?

Sponsorship Credit - A credit in the amount of 5% of the total will be applied towards your account for any sponsorship over $100.  For more information on sponsorships: click here. 

Volunteer Rewards Program - For every 50 volunteer hours worked a credit of $50 will be applied to your account. For more information:

click here.


Are scholarships available?

We offer scholarships for reduced monthly fees for qualified applicants- 100 volunteer hours required. Please email [email protected] for more information. Indiana Swimming also has an Outreach Program that offers reduced USA Swimming membership Fees to families that qualify. For more information: click here


I already pay a lot for my child to participate, why do I need to volunteer & fundraise?

Operating a club swim team involves lots of expenses including coach and assistant coach salary, coach travel expenses, coach and board memberships/training fees, Indiana swimming fees, USA Swimming fees and equipment costs.  Unfortunately, the registration/participation fees do not cover all of the expenses, so fundraising and volunteer involvement is necessary to keep the program running. 


Why do I have to pay a USA Swimming membership fee?

Our team is a member of USA Swimming.  All team members are required to become members of USA Swimming. 


If my child doesn’t plan on competing, do I still have to pay USA Swimming membership fees?

Yes, all team members are required to be members whether they compete or not. 


Facilities/Practice Information  

Where does LCA practice?  

LCA utilizes the JLMP in Bedford (Outdoor), Mitchell community pool (Outdoor) and the BNL pool in Bedford (Indoor).  Practice locations are determined by facility availability and weather conditions.  


When does my child practice?

The practice calendar is updated on a regular basis with times and locations.  To access the calendar: click here. You can add the practice schedule to your calendar by clicking the group link below the calendar information. 


Can my child keep his/her stuff in the locker room at the pool?

Your child may utilize the locker rooms during practice, but only HS Swimmers are allowed to keep their items in a locked locker overnight.

Swim Meets

Why should my child participate in swim meets?

We strongly recommend that your child particpates in swim meets. Meets are like "game day" in other sports. Your swimmer works very hard during practice and meets allow them to see the value of hard work, setting and chasing goals and other life skills like dealing with setbacks and sportsmanship.


How do I know if my child is ready to compete in swim meets?

The goal is to have every child ready to compete by the first meet of the season. If you or your child has concerns about competing, please contact the coach.


Will my child be competing against swimmers of the same age?

Typically, meet events are divided into the following age groups: 8 and under; 10 and under; 11-12; 13-14; senior or open. Age is based on your child’s age on the first day of the swim meet.


Does my child have to swim every day of the meet?

No, you can select which day(s) your child attends a swim meet when registering for the meet.


When is the next swim meet?

You can view the meet schedule on the Events tab: click here


How do I register for a meet?

For meet registration instructions: click here



What are "cuts"?

Cuts are time standards required to attend specific meets.  Swimmers must achieve specific time standards to compete in meets such as the divisional championships all the way to Olympic trials.  For more information: click here


What is the difference between the long and short course seasons?

USA Swimming divides the year into two seasons. The short or “winter” course runs September – March and competition occurs in 25 yard or 25 meter pools. The long or “summer” course runs April – July and competition occurs in 50 meter pools (if available). At the end of each season (March & August), there is a championship meet in which a child has to qualify by achieving a certain time standard.