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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Registration
How do I register my swimmer for a meet?

For meet registration instructions: click here


Why are the meet deadlines set so early in comparison to the meet date?

The host team typically requires entries within 1-3 weeks of the meet date. Some meets have maximum capacity limits, so outside teams want to get their entries into the host team as soon as possible.


I forgot to register my swimmer for a swim meet and it’s after the deadline. Can my child still swim in the meet?

Please email [email protected]-  late registration rules vary by meet and depend on the host team's meet policy and capacity.


I registered my swimmer for a swim meet and now they cannot attend. What should I do?

Before the meet registration deadline, you can edit your commitment for the meet. If it’s after the meet deadline and entries have been submitted to the host team, please contact the coach. You will be responsible for the fees associated with the meet entry.


Pre-Meet Preparation 

Does my child have to wear a team suit?

We offer a team suit for purchase but it is not required. Team suit information: click here. If you do not purchase a team suit, we suggest that your child has a separate suit for practice, since swimsuits do not last a long time with repeated wear.


How do I find out more information about a particular swim meet?

The meet letter is your best resource for meet infomation. The meet letter is included in the event information on the website. It contains meet location information, meet schedule- session warm-up and start times, event order, admission fee information, award information and local hotel information.  


Meet Day 

What does my swimmer need to bring to the meet? 

Your swimmer should bring the following: team/meet swimsuit, goggles, team swim caps, at least two towels, parka/robe/sweats- to stay warm between events, healthy snacks, water and something to do- cards, a book to read, travel game, etc. Optional: Sharpie- to write their event and heat information on their arm.


When should we arrive at the meet?

Please check the warm-up time in the meet letter.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before warm ups to allow time for stretching.


What should we do upon arrival at the meet?

Swimmers should report to the pool deck and find an LCA coach. Parents are not allowed on deck at meets.  Most facilities have signage or volunteers directing swimmers to the pool deck entrance.  Some meets require swimmer sign-in- swimmers must highlight their name, indicating that they are present. There is usually a table with sheets and highlighters or they are posted on the wall near the entrance. 


Where can I find event information like heat or lane assignments for my swimmer?

Heat sheets- including swimmer heat and lane assignments, are typically available at the start of each session. The meet host publishes the information on Meet Mobile or paper copies available for purchase in the concession stand or at the meet entrance area.


How long does it last? 

Each session of a meet will last anywhere from three to four hours.


When can my swimmer leave? 

We think everyone deserves a cheering section and ask swimmers to stay until the team’s last race of the session. If you need to leave early for a family function or something important, please note this information in the registration or contact the coach prior to the meet.


My child swam really well. When do they receive awards?

Awards are given to the coach at the end of the meet. The coach will distribute awards to the swimmers at the next practice.