Age Group Achievement Program

The Age Group Achievement Program seeks to gamify goal setting and achievement through the “Super Mario Effect”. Each Time Standard constitutes a point in swimming, swimmers will be encouraged to obtain points across all events to increase their FISH Achievement Level. After each meet, any best times achieved will be entered into the spreadsheet (Found on the Resources-Athlete page under the Parent Information Tab on the website) by the coaching staff which will potentially increase a swimmer’s FISH Achievement Level as they swim faster. In addition to the concept of simply leveling up, FISH will be borrowing the idea of the “helmet sticker” from college football. Every 25 points the swimmer achieves, the swimmer will “level up” and receive a FISH sticker to put on their water bottle. Because every athlete is expected to have a water bottle, and stickers wouldn’t last long on swim caps, we found this to be a uniform way for athletes to display their accomplishments.

The FISH Aquatics Age Group Program is built around the concept of IMR/IMX. We do not believe in early specialization but instead focus on developing well rounded swimmers who routinely compete and excel in all four strokes at a variety of distances.

The Age Group Achievement Program seeks to provide athletes and their families with a visual way to track their progress in all events against both the National Motivational Time Standards as well as the Indiana Swimming Championship Time Standards. This also provides athletes with a means to look ahead at what time standards they have achieved for older age groups. It has been found that this minimizes the effect of the “down year” mentality within an age group and burnout.

Levels can be achieved by athletes working to improve across all 17 events. Each event has approximately 45 possible points. With the addition of water bottle stickers for every 25 points a swimmer achieves, it encourages swimmers to try new events and develop all strokes and distances. Therefore, the easiest way to increase the number of water bottle stickers an athlete earns, is to train to be a well-rounded swimmer.

Age Group Achievement Program spreadsheets sort athlete by birth year
Short Course
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Long Course
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

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Short Course


Long Course:
  1. Madi Akridge - 528 Points (Level 21)
  2. Hailey Vogel - 434 Points (Level 17)
  3. Brisa Del Real Marquez - 410 Points (Level 16)
  4. Mia Saunders - 348 Points (Level 13)
  5. Tyler Merrell - 306 Points (Level 12)
  6. Ethan Zhang - 252 Points (Level 10)
  7. Sarah Luban - 232 Points (Level 9)
  8. Anthony Korchnak - 198 Points (Level 7)
  9. Jillian Giese - 186 points (Level 7)
  10. Cody Van Dyke - 146 Points (Level 5)
  11. Daniel Conrad - 89 Points (Level 3)
  12. Harper Harrell - 85 Points (Level 3)
  13. Ainsley Honn - 80 Points (Level 3)
  14. Nicholas Luban - 61 Points (Level 2)
  15. Ty Clayton - 59 Points (Level 2)
  16. Rebecca Gaeta - 53 Points (Level 2)
  17. Emma Akridge - 36 Points (Level 1)
  18. ​Mia Thompson - 34 Points (Level 1)
  19. Kellen Stevens & Ella Creek - 27 points (Level 1)
  20. Rebecca Putman - 21 Points (Level 0)
  21. Anders Nyquist - 19 Points (Level 0)
  22. Kenzie Korchnak - 18 Points (Level 0)
  23. Parker Honn - 12 Points (Level 0)
  24. Lillian Dilts - 9 Points (Level 0)
  25. Connor Van Dyke - 8 Points (Level 0)
  26. Lilli Kline - 5 Points (Level 0)
  27. Aaron Saunders - 1 Point (Level 0)

** Athletes Must score a point to be featured on the leaderboard. Please check the Age Group Achievement Program Spreadsheets to see an athlete's specific number of points achieved.