Central Zone Diversity Select Camp:

Description: During the summer of every even year, the Central Zone with the support of USA Swimming allows each LSC(Indiana Swimming for us) to bring 4 athletes from underrepresented populations to a weekend select camp. These athletes are chosen through the LSC. Please see Indiana Swimming's website in early spring of the even years for more information on this camp and how to apply to represent both FISH and Team Indiana.

More Information: No information available at this time.


Indiana Swimming LSC Camps:

Description: Indiana Swimming prides itself on its camp programs and in fact is a nationally recognized leader in this regard. From the entry level green flag series camps to the elite Olympic Training Center Camps, Indiana Swimming has a wide range of camps to fit most athletes needs. Some camps do have qualifying times or are done via invitation only. Please see the specific camp you are interested in for more information and qualifications. 

More Information: Indiana Swimming LSC Camps


Lafayette Area Performance Swim Camps

Description: A skills and drills camp hosted during August as a tune up for returning FISH members prior to the start of short course season as well as an opportunity for new swimmers to get their feet wet by having fun and focusing on technique. 

More Information: No Information available at this time.

National Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp:

Description: USA Swimmming annually brings 48 athletes from underrepresented populations to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for a mix of training and educational opportunities. These athletes are selected from an application process based off their long course times. 

More Information: USA Swimming National Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp


Zone Select Camps:

Description: Every spring, USA Swimming brings the top 28 girls ages 12-13 and the top 28 boys ages 13-14 to attend the zone select camp. Fourteen of these athletes are selected based off age and IMX scores while the other 14 athletes are selected for being the fastest in the zone in an olympic event in long course.

More Information: USA Swimming Zone Select Camps


IM Ready/IM Xtreme Program:

Description: A USA Swimming program designed to encourage the development of well rounded swimmers. The IM Ready Program (IMR) features shorter events for swimmers new to the sport, while the IM Xtreme Program (IMX) features longer events of the strokes. Once a swimmer completes all events that are part of the IMR or IMX program in a given season, they are given a score which is then ranked within their club, LSC, Zone and Nationally. It Is one of FISH's goals to produce well rounded swimmers and have included IMR/IMX qualifications for our upper level age group groups.

More Information: USA Swimming IMR/IMX Programs

USA Swimming Scholastic All-America:

Description: A USA Swimming program aimed at recognizing excellence in and out of the pool. In order to be eligible athletes must have completed a year of high school, have a 3.5 or greater on a 4.0 scale and have achieve a Winter Junior National Qualifying Time. The deadline to apply is in mid-August every year. 

More Information: USA Swimming Scholastic All-America